How Can I Learn Basic Quantitative Aptitude?

So here we have some easy tips for you to make you proficient in quantitative aptitude:

  1. Memorising formulas: Your learning ability always helps you.
  2. Learn shortcut tricks: Every topic in quantitative aptitude has some short-cut techniques.
  3. A right start: Most of the quantitative aptitude exams have 50 questions.

How Do You Calculate Age Related Questions?

Formulas and Quick Tricks for Age Problems:

  1. If the current age is x, then n times the age is nx.
  2. If the current age is x, then age n years later/hence = x + n.
  3. If the current age is x, then age n years ago = x - n.
  4. The ages in a ratio a : b will be ax and bx.
  5. If the current age is x, then 1/n of the age is x/n.

How Is Percentage Aptitude Calculated?

In mathematics, a percentage is a number or ratio that can be expressed as a fraction of 100. If we have to calculate percent of a number, divide the number by the whole and multiply by 100. Hence, the percentage means, a part per hundred. The word per cent means per 100.

Percentage Chart.


Is Quantitative Aptitude Same As Maths?

In Quantitative Aptitude that the answer should be quick and accurate. The basis of Mathematics lies in formulas and calculations while the basis of Quantitative Aptitude lies in conceptual understanding and the application of this understanding of the problem.

What Are Aptitudes Examples?

Aptitudes are an individual's inherent talents and abilities for learning or doing certain things in different areas. For example, a person's ability to carry a tune is considered an aptitude. Most people have several related talents, such as singing, reading music, and playing a musical instrument.

What Are The 7 Levels Of Intelligence?

The 7 Types of Intelligence & Their Characteristics:

  • Linguistic Intelligence.
  • Logic Intelligence.
  • Kinaesthetic Intelligence.
  • Spatial Intelligence.
  • Musical Intelligence.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence.
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence.

What Is Design Aptitude?

Every design institute uses a Design Aptitude Test (DAT), also called an Entrance Examination to determine a student's suitability for enrolment. Most commonly, DATs assess the following skills and in no particular order of priority. Visual Ability. Visual skills are an essential part of understanding design.

What Is The Difference Between Interest And Attitude?

According to Maclver by interest is meant any aim or object that stimulates activity towards its attainment. Attitude is the state of consciousness within the individual human being.

What Topics Are Covered Under Quantitative Aptitude?

  • Data Interpretation.
  • Inequalities.
  • Percentages.
  • Number Series.
  • Arithmetic Aptitude.
  • Profit and Loss.
  • Simple Interest and Compound Interest.
  • Age Problems.

What's A Good Score On An Aptitude Test?

If a perfect aptitude test score is 100% or 100 points, and your score is 80% or above, it is considered a good score. A minimum acceptable score is considered to be from 70% to 80%.

How Can I Improve My Maths And Statistics?

  1. Understand the Basics.
  2. Practice Everyday.
  3. Help others In Solving Their Statistics Problems.
  4. Try Solving The Problem By Yourself.
  5. Don't Try To Memorize Formula.
  6. Take Help From Online Tutors.

How Do You Describe Your Aptitudes?

GraphoriaEffectiveness in handling clerical and paperwork functions
Analytical ReasoningThe ability to select and organize relative information to formulate a solution to the problem
Numerical AptitudesThe ability to interpret numerical information and to identify relationships

How Is Aptitude Different From Intelligence And Interest?

Interest is the preference for a particular activity while aptitude is the potential to perform that activity. Also, Intelligence is associated with a broad range of mental abilities whereas aptitude reflects specialized abilities and personal strengths & weaknesses.

Is Quantitative Aptitude And Quantitative Ability Same?

Quantitative aptitude includes sections related to logic and expressions whereas numerical ability relates to numbers.

What Are The Different Test Of Creativity?

Creativity tests are typically divided into four main components: Divergent thinking, Convergent thinking, Artistic assessments and Self assessments. Divergent thinking is the ability to consciously generate new ideas that branch out to many possible solutions for a given problem.

What Is Creative Aptitude Test?

Creative Aptitude Test is to analyse your creative potential and ususally contains questions related to drawing, sketching, storytelling etc. This kind of test is taken by Institutes/ art schools or Studios for their entry as per requirements.

What Is The Difference Between Ability And Aptitude Test?

In summary, psychologists distinguish among achievement, aptitude, and ability tests at a theoretical level. Achievement tests describe people's present status, aptitude tests predict their future behavior, and ability tests assess their innate potential.

What Is The Difference Between Skill And Aptitude?

Aptitude or talents are things you can do naturally, that come easy to you often requiring little thought or effort to accomplish. On the other hand, skills come from knowledge and practice. Skills are something that you can learn and develop.

What Type Of Questions Are In An Aptitude Test?

The questions that you will be asked in an aptitude test will vary based on the type of role you are applying for. They may ask you to identify a missing number, shape or image at the end of a series, or they might give you a written scenario that you will answer questions from.

Which Is The Best Site To Prepare My Aptitude For Placements?

Here mentioned few top searched sites for Placement Preparation:

  • PrepInsta.
  • IndiaBix.
  • GeeksforGeeks.
  • Hackerank.
  • CodeForces.
  • Glassdoor.
  • LeetCode.

How Can I Improve My Aptitude Solving Skills?

  1. You must solve aptitude questions daily.
  2. Practice one kind of problems again and again to master them, first by yourself and then take help from the solution.
  3. Solve brain teasers and puzzles, it will help improve your logical skills.

How Do You Answer Aptitude Questions Quickly?

8 Tips to Master Quantitative Aptitude Tests:

  1. Start from the Basics.
  2. Focus on Rare Problems.
  3. Check Up on Your Speed.
  4. Focus on Your Weaker Links.
  5. Grasp the Numbers.
  6. Percentage Trick.
  7. Profit and Loss.
  8. Train Relative Speed.

What Is The Meaning Of Quantitative Aptitude?

Quantitative aptitude is an inseparable and an integral part of aptitude exams in India. It tests the quantitative skills along with logical and analytical skills. One can test their own number of handling techniques and problem-solving skills by solving these questions.