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Join us for an immersive learning experience. Our video series offers 30+ hours of in-depth explanations and covers 422 math questions from the Class IX CBSE textbook in Hindi. Whether you're gearing up for class exams or competitive tests, we're here to help you excel.


CLASS 9 MATHS(CBSE) Course Syllabus

Class 9 Maths | Total Videos : 417

  • Video Lecture : Locate Irrational Number on Number Line

  • Video Lecture : Basic Concepts - Inequalities in a Triangle

Course Summary

Enhance Your Math Skills with Our CBSE Class 9 Math Video Series in Hindi

Looking for comprehensive CBSE Class IX math video lessons in Hindi? Look no further. Our CBSE Class IX Maths Video Series in Hindi is your ultimate resource for building a solid mathematical foundation.

With over 30 hours of video content, our Hindi-language video series covers a whopping 422 math questions, meticulously explaining problems from every chapter of the Class IX textbook. Whether you're preparing for class exams or competitive tests, these videos will equip you with the knowledge you need to excel.

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