Test Name : Direction Sense Test
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Direction Sense Test

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Ques 1. Village Q is to the North of the village P. The village R is in the East of Village Q. The village S is to the left of the village P. In which direction is the village S with respect to village R?
Ques 2. According to X @ B * P, P is in which direction with respect to X?
Ques 3. According to M # N $ T, T is in which direction with respect to M?
Ques 4. Which tree is just opposite to raspberry tree?
Ques 5. Which of the following statements is definitely true?
Ques 6. If the flats of P and T are interchanged then whose flat will be next to that of U?
Ques 7.
Which of the following combination get south facing flats?
Ques 8. If a boy starting from Nilesh, met to Ankur and then to Kumar and after this he to Dev and then  to Pintu and whole the time he walked in a straight line, then how much total distance did he cover?
Ques 9. Sachin walks 20 km towards North. He turns left and walks 40 km. He again turns left and walks 20 km. Finally he moves 20 km after turning to the left. How far is he from his starting position?
Ques 10. Radha moves towards South-East a distance of 7 km, then she moves towards West and travels a distance of 14 km. From here she moves towards North-West a distance of 7 km and finally she moves a distance of 4 km towards east. How far is she now from the starting point?


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