Fast Maths Tricks (Vedic Maths)

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Fast Maths Tricks (Vedic Maths)

Fast Maths Tricks (Vedic Maths) Course Syllabus

Vedic Maths | Total Videos : 165

Video Lecture : Part 1
Video Lecture : Part 2
Video Lecture : Part 3
Video Lecture : Part 4

  • Video Lecture : Non Terminating Decimals in the Form of P/Q

  • Video Lecture : Factorization of cubic equations

  • Video Lecture : Find Square Root by Long Division Method
  • Video Lecture : Find Square Root of Non perfect Square Squmbers(approximation)

Video Lecture : part 1
Video Lecture : part 2

  • Video Lecture : Find Squares of Numbers between 10 and 20
  • Video Lecture : Find Squares of Numbers that are Near 50
  • Video Lecture : Find Squares of numbers ending with digit '5'
  • Video Lecture : Find Squares of numbers nearing 100

  • Video Lecture : Find HCM and LCM of Decimals and Fractions

  • Video Lecture : Problem Type 4 - Mixture of 3 Items

  • Video Lecture : Find multiplication of Numbers near 100,200,300 etc
  • Video Lecture : Multiplication of Two Or Three Digit Numbers
  • Video Lecture : Multiply By Numbers of Same Unit Place and Tenths Place like 22, 33 ,55, 88 etc

  • Video Lecture : Celsius to Fahrenhiet (Approximation)

  • Video Lecture : Find Cube Root of Upto 6 Digit Numbers

  • Video Lecture : Problem Type : Find the Unit Digit of

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Fast Maths Tricks (Vedic Maths)  in Hindi

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