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Question 61. ____________ is a tool for simultaneously depicting the service process, the points of customer contact and the evidence of service from the customers point of view.
  1.    Front of Planning
  2.    Service Blueprinting
  3.    Service standardization
  4.    None of these
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Answer: Option B. -> Service Blueprinting
Question 62. __________ is the physical surroundings or the physical facility where the service is produced, delivered and consumed.
  1.    Servicespace
  2.    Servicescape
  3.    Serviceplace
  4.    Servicescope
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Answer: Option B. -> Servicescape
Question 63. In the absence of a physical product, service providers need to consider the use of __________ that enable customers to make a judgment on the service quality.
  1.    Intangible clues
  2.    Tangible clues
  3.    Blueprint
  4.    Performance measures
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Answer: Option B. -> Tangible clues
Question 64. ___________ are the only service distributors which do not require direct human interactions.
  1.    Electronic channels
  2.    SST’s
  3.    Direct Service channels
  4.    Speculative channels
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Answer: Option A. -> Electronic channels
Question 65. Compared with low-contact services, customers of high-contact services are more likely to judge service quality on the basis of:
  1.    Price of the service
  2.    Processes used in carrying out the service
  3.    Intangible outcomes e.g. the performance of an investment portfolio
  4.    Tangible outcomes
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Answer: Option B. -> Processes used in carrying out the service
Question 66. Which of the following is not generally accepted as being part of the extended marketing mix for services?
  1.    Product
  2.    Price
  3.    Process
  4.    Practice
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Answer: Option D. -> Practice
Question 67. Text messaging is a type of which promotion strategy?
  1.    Personal selling
  2.    Sales promotion
  3.    Direct marketing
  4.    Public relations
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Answer: Option C. -> Direct marketing
Question 68. A tool for assessing the level of service quality based on the difference between users expectations and the service experience delivered is:
  1.    The service dashboard
  2.    The service quality gap model
  3.    The balanced scorecard
  4.    The information value model
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Answer: Option B. -> The service quality gap model
Question 69. The element of service quality which is defined as 'the knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence'
  1.    Tangibles
  2.    Reliability
  3.    Assurance
  4.    Empathy
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Answer: Option C. -> Assurance
Question 70. Attributes where consumers can evaluate only during or after the consumption process is known as
  1.    Credence qualities
  2.    Experience qualities
  3.    Search qualities
  4.    None of the above
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Answer: Option B. -> Experience qualities

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