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Question 41. Services cannot be stored. This describes the ___________characteristic of services.
  1.    Intangibility
  2.    Variability
  3.    Inseparability
  4.    Inconsistency
  5.    Perishability
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Answer: Option E. -> Perishability
Question 42. Examples of pure tangible goods include all of the following EXCEPT:
  1.    Soap
  2.    Tax preparation
  3.    Toothpaste
  4.    Salt
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Answer: Option B. -> Tax preparation
Question 43. __________describes the employee’s skills in serving the client.
  1.    Internal Marketing
  2.    External Marketing
  3.    Relationship marketing
  4.    Interactive marketing
  5.    Communication Marketing
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Answer: Option D. -> Interactive marketing
Question 44. _____________ occurs when a company intentionally uses services as the stage, and goods as the props, to engage individual customers in a way that creates a memorable event.
  1.    Hybrid offer
  2.    Core service
  3.    Augmented or ancillary product
  4.    Experience
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Answer: Option D. -> Experience
Question 45. SSTS refers to __________.
  1.    Service Standards Testing
  2.    Self- Service Technologies
  3.    Standard Service Technologies
  4.    Self Service Treatments
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Answer: Option B. -> Self- Service Technologies
Question 46. Top firms audit service performance by collecting _________ measurements to probe customer satisfiers and dissatisfies.
  1.    Customer satisfier
  2.    Customer complaint
  3.    Voice of the customer
  4.    Psychological
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Answer: Option C. -> Voice of the customer
Question 47. The services a customer expects are called the ______service package.
  1.    Expected
  2.    Augmented
  3.    Primary
  4.    Secondary
  5.    Perceived
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Answer: Option C. -> Primary
Question 48. The fact that a business traveller may have one very positive check-in experience at a hotel and then a very negative check-in experience with a different employee on a subsequent visit is evidence of service:
  1.    Intangibility
  2.    Inseparability
  3.    Variability
  4.    Perishability
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Answer: Option C. -> Variability
Question 49. Added features to an offering are called _________ service features.
  1.    Expected
  2.    Augmented
  3.    Primary
  4.    Secondary
  5.    Perceived
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Answer: Option E. -> Perceived
Question 50. The intangibility of services has implications for the choice of _________.
  1.    Brand elements
  2.    Location
  3.    Price
  4.    Product features
  5.    Channels of distribution
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Answer: Option A. -> Brand elements

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