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Question 51. __________cost refers to the product’s purchase cost plus the discounted cost of maintenance and repair less the discounted salvage value.
  1.    Total
  2.    Variable
  3.    Life cycle
  4.    Net
  5.    Out of pocket
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Answer: Option C. -> Life cycle
Question 52. Successful service companies focus their attention on both their customers and their employees. They understand ___________, which links service firm profits with employee and customer satisfaction.
  1.    Internal marketing
  2.    Service-profit chains
  3.    Interactive marketing
  4.    Service differentiation
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Answer: Option B. -> Service-profit chains
Question 53. If a firm is practicing ___________, the firm is training and effectively motivating its customer-contact employees and all of the supporting service people to work as a team to provide customer satisfaction.
  1.    Double-up marketing
  2.    Internal marketing
  3.    Interactive marketing
  4.    Service marketing
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Answer: Option B. -> Internal marketing
Question 54. According to Parasuraman, Zeithaml & Berry, the most important determinant of service quality is:
  1.    Responsiveness
  2.    Reliability
  3.    Assurance
  4.    Empathy
  5.    Tangibles
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Answer: Option B. -> Reliability
Question 55. The extended marketing mix for services includes: People, Processes and _________.
  1.    Product
  2.    Place
  3.    Physical Evidence
  4.    Promotion
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Answer: Option C. -> Physical Evidence
Question 56. Which of the following is not an element of physical evidence?
  1.    Employee Dress
  2.    Employee Training
  3.    Equipment
  4.    Facility Design
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Answer: Option B. -> Employee Training
Question 57. Which of the following is not an element of people?
  1.    Motivation
  2.    Teamwork
  3.    Flow of activities
  4.    Customer training
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Answer: Option C. -> Flow of activities
Question 58. Standardized and customized flow of activities, simple and complex number of steps and customer involvement by which a service is delivered is called –
  1.    Place Mix
  2.    Physical evidence mix
  3.    Process mix
  4.    People mix
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Answer: Option C. -> Process mix
Question 59. All human actors who play a part in service delivery and thus influence the buyers perceptions: namely, the firms personnel, the customer and other customers in the service environment.
  1.    Process
  2.    Physical environment
  3.    People
  4.    Place
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Answer: Option C. -> People
Question 60. __________ is the environment in which the service is delivered and where the firm and customer interact and any tangible components that facilitates performance or communication of the service.
  1.    Physical evidence
  2.    Process
  3.    Place
  4.    People
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Answer: Option A. -> Physical evidence

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