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Question 51. The time spent in organization while performing the particular job is classified as
  1.    seniority
  2.    career maturity
  3.    career equity
  4.    non-equity
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Answer: Option A. -> seniority
Answer: (a).seniority
Question 52. The factors must be considered to price the jobs in any organization includes
  1.    job importance
  2.    difficulty of job
  3.    skills and abilities required
  4.    all of the above
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Answer: Option D. -> all of the above
Answer: (d).all of the above
Question 53. The analysis of job such as job specification and job description leads to
  1.    job evaluation
  2.    garnishment laws
  3.    pay surveys
  4.    both a and c
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Answer: Option D. -> both a and c
Answer: (d).both a and c
Question 54. The outcomes of competency based system such as improved and higher employee satisfaction and commitment are classified as
  1.    quartile strategy based outcome
  2.    organization-related outcomes
  3.    employee-related outcomes
  4.    percentiles strategy outcomes
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Answer: Option C. -> employee-related outcomes
Answer: (c).employee-related outcomes
Question 55. The situation in organization in which differences of individual pay with different level of performance becomes small is classified as
  1.    pay compression
  2.    grade compression
  3.    equity compression
  4.    matrix compression
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Answer: Option A. -> pay compression
Answer: (a).pay compression
Question 56. The tangible components of compensation programs usually designed by the organization consists of
  1.    indirect compensation
  2.    recency compensation
  3.    direct compensation
  4.    both a and c
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Answer: Option D. -> both a and c
Answer: (d).both a and c
Question 57. The position such as administrative, professionals and executive are classified as
  1.    exempt employees
  2.    non-exempt employees
  3.    salaried exempt employees
  4.    salaried nonexempt employees
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Answer: Option A. -> exempt employees
Answer: (a).exempt employees
Question 58. The group of all the jobs which have the same worth of job are classified as
  1.    non-exemption grade
  2.    regression grade
  3.    exemption grade
  4.    pay grade
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Answer: Option D. -> pay grade
Answer: (d).pay grade
Question 59. The graph which shows the relationship between job value, which is determined rates of pay survey and job evaluation points is classified as
  1.    market line
  2.    pay line
  3.    regression line
  4.    pay structure line
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Answer: Option A. -> market line
Answer: (a).market line
Question 60. The factors that are common in group of jobs and are used to identify the value of job are called
  1.    primacy factors
  2.    exemption factors
  3.    compensable factors
  4.    equity factors
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Answer: Option C. -> compensable factors
Answer: (c).compensable factors

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