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Question 31. The supplemental insurance plans are included in
  1.    long-term incentives
  2.    short-term benefits
  3.    executive perks
  4.    job ranking
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Answer: Option C. -> executive perks
Answer: (c).executive perks
Question 32. Creating a package of rewards for employees is called
  1.    HR strategy
  2.    performance appraisal
  3.    aligned reward strategy
  4.    aligned compensating strategy
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Answer: Option C. -> aligned reward strategy
Answer: (c).aligned reward strategy
Question 33. An theory states that employees seek balance between the offered services and taken salaries is called
  1.    equity theory of motivation
  2.    equity theory of salaries
  3.    equity theory of wages
  4.    equity theory of compression
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Answer: Option A. -> equity theory of motivation
Answer: (a).equity theory of motivation
Question 34. The fairness of individual's job pay rates in comparison to employees within the firm is included in
  1.    secondary equity
  2.    collective equity
  3.    primary equity
  4.    individual equity
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Answer: Option D. -> individual equity
Answer: (d).individual equity
Question 35. The factors for determining pay rates are
  1.    direct financial payments
  2.    indirect financial payments
  3.    paid bonuses
  4.    both a and b
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Answer: Option D. -> both a and b
Answer: (d).both a and b
Question 36. Determining the job's worth in comparison of other job is called
  1.    job description
  2.    job specification
  3.    job evaluation
  4.    job analysis
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Answer: Option C. -> job evaluation
Answer: (c).job evaluation
Question 37. The cornerstone of any executive salary is
  1.    salary
  2.    bonuses
  3.    commissions
  4.    stock options for employees
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Answer: Option A. -> salary
Answer: (a).salary
Question 38. A job that helps employers to arrange job in relative worth is called
  1.    benchmark jobs
  2.    salary survey
  3.    permanent job
  4.    temporary job
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Answer: Option A. -> benchmark jobs
Answer: (a).benchmark jobs
Question 39. On the basis of comparable jobs, the variables such as skills, responsibility and working conditions, considered as
  1.    logical factors
  2.    comprehensive factors
  3.    compensable factors
  4.    intuitive factors
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Answer: Option C. -> compensable factors
Answer: (c).compensable factors
Question 40. The engineers and scientists analytical job's needs
  1.    creativity
  2.    problem solving
  3.    training
  4.    both a and b
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Answer: Option D. -> both a and b
Answer: (d).both a and b

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