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Question 201. The kind of pension plan which follows a formula to determine retirement benefits is classified as
  1.    defined benefit pension plan
  2.    defined contribution pension plan
  3.    defined noncontributory pension plan
  4.    deferred contribution pension plan
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Answer: Option A. -> defined benefit pension plan
Answer: (a).defined benefit pension plan
Question 202. Anchoring jobs and slotting the other jobs accordingly is called
  1.    benchmarking jobs
  2.    evaluating pay scales
  3.    evaluating pay grades
  4.    evaluating internal equity
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Answer: Option A. -> benchmarking jobs
Answer: (a).benchmarking jobs
Question 203. A 'quantitative technique' in job evaluation processes is
  1.    job classification
  2.    alternative ranking method
  3.    aligned reward strategy
  4.    point method
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Answer: Option D. -> point method
Answer: (d).point method
Question 204. The data of benefits like employees insurance and other fringe benefits can be collected through
  1.    benchmark surveys
  2.    salary surveys
  3.    primary survey
  4.    secondary survey
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Answer: Option B. -> salary surveys
Answer: (b).salary surveys
Question 205. Each band in 'broad banding' contains
  1.    wide range of jobs
  2.    lesser range of job
  3.    only one type of job
  4.    unspecified job description
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Answer: Option A. -> wide range of jobs
Answer: (a).wide range of jobs
Question 206. In surveying the market, a way to know what others are paying, known as
  1.    salary survey
  2.    market survey
  3.    equity survey
  4.    motivation survey
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Answer: Option A. -> salary survey
Answer: (a).salary survey
Question 207. The notion that woman and men should collect equal pay for comparable skills, considered as
  1.    comparable worth
  2.    incomparable worth
  3.    definable worth
  4.    indefinable worth
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Answer: Option A. -> comparable worth
Answer: (a).comparable worth
Question 208. An employer; not paying for the title of job and hired , regarded as
  1.    pay based on company's profit
  2.    pay based on company's stocks
  3.    pay based on competency
  4.    pay based on time
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Answer: Option C. -> pay based on competency
Answer: (c).pay based on competency
Question 209. The health insurance of employees is included in
  1.    basic pay
  2.    short-term benefits
  3.    executive perks
  4.    job ranking
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Answer: Option C. -> executive perks
Answer: (c).executive perks
Question 210. The traditional pay plan used in companies is mostly
  1.    person oriented
  2.    job oriented
  3.    tenure oriented
  4.    evaluation oriented
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Answer: Option B. -> job oriented
Answer: (b).job oriented

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