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Question 11. The approaches used to compare jobs are
  1.    intuitive approaches
  2.    systematic approaches
  3.    mathematical approaches
  4.    logical approaches
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Answer: Option A. -> intuitive approaches
Answer: (a).intuitive approaches
Question 12. The ranking of job, based on difficulty is
  1.    job description
  2.    job specification
  3.    job evaluation
  4.    ranking method
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Answer: Option D. -> ranking method
Answer: (d).ranking method
Question 13. The work experience and field of study are included in
  1.    working capital
  2.    human capital
  3.    compensation capital
  4.    size of working capital
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Answer: Option B. -> human capital
Answer: (b).human capital
Question 14. After ensuring external and internal equity, the next step in establishing pay rates is
  1.    group similar jobs
  2.    price each pay grade
  3.    fine tune pay rates
  4.    determining the worth of each job
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Answer: Option A. -> group similar jobs
Answer: (a).group similar jobs
Question 15. The 'Hay consulting firm' emphasizes compensable factors such as
  1.    skills
  2.    efforts and responsibility
  3.    knowledge
  4.    accountability
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Answer: Option D. -> accountability
Answer: (d).accountability
Question 16. The company top executives compensation include
  1.    base pay
  2.    long-term
  3.    executive benefits
  4.    all of above
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Answer: Option D. -> all of above
Answer: (d).all of above
Question 17. The 'rate of return on investment' is classified as
  1.    long-term shareholder value
  2.    calculating stock value
  3.    calculating return on investment
  4.    calculating working capital
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Answer: Option A. -> long-term shareholder value
Answer: (a).long-term shareholder value
Question 18. The compensations and reward packages are designed for employees, must help company to achieve its
  1.    mission
  2.    vision
  3.    strategic goals
  4.    compensation strategy
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Answer: Option C. -> strategic goals
Answer: (c).strategic goals
Question 19. The method in which employer first choose higher and lowest, then secondly choosing the highest and the lowest is
  1.    alternation ranking method
  2.    point method
  3.    ranking method
  4.    job classification
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Answer: Option A. -> alternation ranking method
Answer: (a).alternation ranking method
Question 20. The operating profit margin is included in
  1.    short-term of shareholder value
  2.    long-term shareholder value
  3.    economic value added
  4.    managerial job evaluation
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Answer: Option A. -> short-term of shareholder value
Answer: (a).short-term of shareholder value

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