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Question 1. In employees' pension plan, a portion of employees' earnings contribution into the fund is classified as
  1.    cash balance plans
  2.    early retirement window
  3.    deferred profit sharing plan
  4.    savings and thrift plan
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Answer: Option D. -> savings and thrift plan
Answer: (d).savings and thrift plan
Question 2. A plan to accommodate employees' preferences of planning for benefit, classified as
  1.    cafeteria benefit plans
  2.    fixed benefit plans
  3.    flexible benefit plans
  4.    both a and c
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Answer: Option C. -> flexible benefit plans
Answer: (c).flexible benefit plans
Question 3. The kind of pension plan in which employer's contribution is specified in employee's retirement savings funds is classified as
  1.    defined benefit pension plan
  2.    defined contribution pension plan
  3.    defined noncontributory pension plan
  4.    deferred contribution pension plan
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Answer: Option B. -> defined contribution pension plan
Answer: (b).defined contribution pension plan
Question 4. A pension plan, an employer's acknowledgement of financial standing of employee's account, placing percentage on the basis of annual compensation and interest, regarded as
  1.    cash balance plan
  2.    severance pay plan
  3.    early retirement window plan
  4.    employee stock ownership plan
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Answer: Option A. -> cash balance plan
Answer: (a).cash balance plan
Question 5. The pension plan, in which specific amount of profit is transferred to employees account, that are payable at the time of retirement or death is classified as
  1.    deferred profit sharing plan
  2.    savings and thrift plan
  3.    cash balance plans
  4.    early retirement window
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Answer: Option A. -> deferred profit sharing plan
Answer: (a).deferred profit sharing plan
Question 6. The increments based on performance is a basis of
  1.    direct financial payments
  2.    non direct financial payments
  3.    direct compensation
  4.    bonuses
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Answer: Option A. -> direct financial payments
Answer: (a).direct financial payments
Question 7. The person's fixed pay and guaranteed bonus is included in
  1.    base pay
  2.    short-term incentives
  3.    executive benefits
  4.    long-term incentives
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Answer: Option A. -> base pay
Answer: (a).base pay
Question 8. The compensation for top executive job is largely based on
  1.    job complexity
  2.    employer's ability to pay
  3.    executive's human capital
  4.    all of above
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Answer: Option D. -> all of above
Answer: (d).all of above
Question 9. An 'Equity theory of Motivation' does not include
  1.    internal equity
  2.    external equity
  3.    collective equity
  4.    individual equity
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Answer: Option C. -> collective equity
Answer: (c).collective equity
Question 10. In which incentive the executives are given right to purchase stocks for specific period?
  1.    long-term incentives
  2.    short-term incentives
  3.    pay scale
  4.    ranking jobs
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Answer: Option A. -> long-term incentives
Answer: (a).long-term incentives

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