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Question 161. The wages and salaries are included in
  1.    direct financial payments
  2.    indirect financial payments
  3.    compensations
  4.    counseling
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Answer: Option A. -> direct financial payments
Answer: (a).direct financial payments
Question 162. The pay for time not worked, sick leave, supplemental benefits and severance pay are the types of benefits called
  1.    supplemental pay benefits
  2.    optional pay benefits
  3.    compensation law benefits
  4.    unemployment pay benefits
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Answer: Option A. -> supplemental pay benefits
Answer: (a).supplemental pay benefits
Question 163. The process of arming the employees of organization with technology tools, to get the jobs done is called
  1.    workplace flexibility
  2.    work hour flexibility
  3.    work week flexibility
  4.    contributory flexibility
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Answer: Option A. -> workplace flexibility
Answer: (a).workplace flexibility
Question 164. The method according to which two or more people share a full time single job, classified as
  1.    severance sharing
  2.    flexible sharing
  3.    benefit sharing
  4.    job sharing
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Answer: Option D. -> job sharing
Answer: (d).job sharing
Question 165. The medical organization, consisting of surgeons and specialists that provides routine medical services to employees in exchange of paying nominal fee is called
  1.    preferred health organization
  2.    health maintenance organization
  3.    preferred provider organizations
  4.    preferred maintenance organizations
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Answer: Option B. -> health maintenance organization
Answer: (b).health maintenance organization
Question 166. The process of instituting policies to enable employees to get their accumulated pension plans with ease after leaving the organization is classified as
  1.    compatibility
  2.    durability
  3.    portability
  4.    profitability
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Answer: Option C. -> portability
Answer: (c).portability
Question 167. According to total rewards approach, the variable pay of the employee is
  1.    added into base pay
  2.    subtracted from base pay
  3.    multiplied to base pay
  4.    divided to base pay
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Answer: Option A. -> added into base pay
Answer: (a).added into base pay
Question 168. The ratio in which the pay level is divided by the pay range midpoint is classified as
  1.    primacy ratio
  2.    regression ratio
  3.    matrix ratio
  4.    Compa-ratio
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Answer: Option D. -> Compa-ratio
Answer: (d).Compa-ratio
Question 169. Considering the non-exempt status of employees, the employees to whom overtime must be paid according to FLS act are classified as
  1.    salaried exempt
  2.    salaried non-exempt
  3.    hourly pay employees
  4.    clerical level employees
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Answer: Option B. -> salaried non-exempt
Answer: (b).salaried non-exempt
Question 170. The employee who is paid more than the specified range for the job is classified as
  1.    green circled employee
  2.    red circled employee
  3.    blue circled employee
  4.    white circled employee
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Answer: Option B. -> red circled employee
Answer: (b).red circled employee

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