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Question 181. The jobs in organization that require similar knowledge, abilities and skills and are performed by individuals having similar duties are classified as
  1.    benchmark job
  2.    job promotion structure
  3.    compensable evaluation
  4.    job evaluation
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Answer: Option A. -> benchmark job
Answer: (a).benchmark job
Question 182. The employees to whom the overtime is not paid under the restriction of Fair Labor Standards Act are called
  1.    exempt employees
  2.    non-exempt employees
  3.    salaried exempt employees
  4.    salaried nonexempt employees
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Answer: Option A. -> exempt employees
Answer: (a).exempt employees
Question 183. The compensation philosophy according to which compensations are not paid according to span of service, but considering performance level is called
  1.    performance orientation philosophy
  2.    recency orientation philosophy
  3.    primacy orientation philosophy
  4.    entitlement orientation philosophy
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Answer: Option A. -> performance orientation philosophy
Answer: (a).performance orientation philosophy
Question 184. The perceived fairness that must be considered in outcomes of performance is classified as
  1.    procedural justice
  2.    distributive justice
  3.    primacy justice
  4.    recency justice
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Answer: Option B. -> distributive justice
Answer: (b).distributive justice
Question 185. The payments made to employees without taking hours for which they worked into consideration are called
  1.    base pay
  2.    wages
  3.    variable pay
  4.    salaries
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Answer: Option D. -> salaries
Answer: (d).salaries
Question 186. The type of rewards employees get in the form of monetary or non-monetary benefits are classified as
  1.    extrinsic rewards
  2.    leniency rewards
  3.    primacy rewards
  4.    intrinsic rewards
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Answer: Option A. -> extrinsic rewards
Answer: (a).extrinsic rewards
Question 187. The compensation which is calculated as percentage of total revenue generated by the sales is classified as
  1.    organization base pay
  2.    commission
  3.    fixed salary
  4.    base pay
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Answer: Option B. -> commission
Answer: (b).commission
Question 188. The plan which gives the right to sell or buy the stock of the organization at fixed price for specific period of time is classified as
  1.    employee stock ownership plan
  2.    ownership option
  3.    stock option
  4.    trading options
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Answer: Option C. -> stock option
Answer: (c).stock option
Question 189. In sales incentives and compensation, the amount which is deducted from future commissions in advance is classified as
  1.    draw
  2.    commission
  3.    base draw
  4.    decency draw
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Answer: Option A. -> draw
Answer: (a).draw
Question 190. The non-cash benefits usually reserved for executives of organization are classified as
  1.    perks
  2.    incentives
  3.    bonus plans
  4.    options plan
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Answer: Option A. -> perks
Answer: (a).perks

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