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Question 41. The percentage or number of customers who move from one level to next level in buying decision process is called
  1.    conversion rates
  2.    marketing rates
  3.    shopping rates
  4.    loyalty rates
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Answer: Option A. -> conversion rates
Answer: (a).conversion rates
Question 42. A company's 'Customer Relationship Capital' is another name of
  1.    satisfied customers
  2.    dissatisfied customers
  3.    customer retention
  4.    customer conversion
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Answer: Option A. -> satisfied customers
Answer: (a).satisfied customers
Question 43. A company's monetary, time and energy cost, all are included in
  1.    total customer cost
  2.    psychological cost
  3.    personal benefits
  4.    image benefits
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Answer: Option A. -> total customer cost
Answer: (a).total customer cost
Question 44. The customized products and services for customers and interaction to individual customers are the part of
  1.    retailer's management
  2.    customer relationship management
  3.    Company relationship management
  4.    supplier management
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Answer: Option B. -> customer relationship management
Answer: (b).customer relationship management
Question 45. A person or company that yields a revenue more than the incurred costs of selling and serving is called
  1.    dissatisfaction
  2.    superior value
  3.    profitable customers
  4.    satisfied customers
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Answer: Option C. -> profitable customers
Answer: (c).profitable customers
Question 46. The technique which tries to identify real cost of serving an individual customer is called
  1.    activity based accounting
  2.    cost based accounting
  3.    price based accounting
  4.    turnover based accounting
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Answer: Option A. -> activity based accounting
Answer: (a).activity based accounting
Question 47. Determine your brand
  1.    managing your brand right
  2.    measuring your strategies
  3.    maintaining your brand position
  4.    maintaining your brand picture
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Answer: Option A. -> managing your brand right
Answer: (a).managing your brand right
Question 48. Marketing of services, as opposite to physical products is
  1.    services marketing
  2.    marketing mix
  3.    advertising
  4.    right-time marketing
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Answer: Option A. -> services marketing
Answer: (a).services marketing
Question 49. NOT single of five phases of buyer choice procedure is
  1.    purchase decision
  2.    need recognition
  3.    brand identification
  4.    information search
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Answer: Option C. -> brand identification
Answer: (c).brand identification
Question 50. Private tag brands, moreover entitled
  1.    own brands
  2.    store brands
  3.    a & b
  4.    none of these
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Answer: Option C. -> a & b
Answer: (c).a & b

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