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Question 51. The marketing internal sampling metrics consist of
  1.    relative employee satisfaction
  2.    level of customer dissatisfaction
  3.    active innovation support
  4.    Both a and c
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Answer: Option D. -> Both a and c
Answer: (d).Both a and c
Question 52. The decision made about the research approaches, data sources and sampling plan is included in
  1.    research plan development
  2.    problem definition
  3.    deciding mission statement
  4.    reporting of findings
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Answer: Option A. -> research plan development
Answer: (a).research plan development
Question 53. The technique in which respondents are presented with a picture and to write what they think about the picture is called
  1.    thematic appreciation test
  2.    story appreciation test
  3.    graphic appreciation test
  4.    word appreciation test
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Answer: Option A. -> thematic appreciation test
Answer: (a).thematic appreciation test
Question 54. A level which defines the respondent's intention to buy
  1.    intention-to-buy scale
  2.    ranking scale
  3.    Two option answer
  4.    least important scale
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Answer: Option A. -> intention-to-buy scale
Answer: (a).intention-to-buy scale
Question 55. In research, the questionnaire 'closed-ended' does not include
  1.    multiple choice question
  2.    rating scale question
  3.    Likert scale question
  4.    ranking scale question
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Answer: Option D. -> ranking scale question
Answer: (d).ranking scale question
Question 56. Prices of lavishness product fall in
  1.    plus-one pricing
  2.    strategic account pricing
  3.    skim pricing
  4.    segment pricing
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Answer: Option C. -> skim pricing
Answer: (c).skim pricing
Question 57. Plan to make an emotional relationship among products, firms and their clients and constituent are
  1.    brand name
  2.    brand culture
  3.    brand image
  4.    brand management
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Answer: Option D. -> brand management
Answer: (d).brand management
Question 58. Everything that can be presented to a marketplace for concentration, attainment, use, or utilization that may satisfy a desire or want is called a
  1.    idea
  2.    demand
  3.    product
  4.    service
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Answer: Option C. -> product
Answer: (c).product
Question 59. Procedure of communicating worth of a manufactured goods or service to clients, for reason of selling that manufactured goods or service is
  1.    marketing
  2.    finance
  3.    human Resources
  4.    information Technology
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Answer: Option A. -> marketing
Answer: (a).marketing
Question 60. Brand equity related to worth of a
  1.    consumer
  2.    franchise
  3.    brand
  4.    none of these
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Answer: Option C. -> brand
Answer: (c).brand

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