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Question 11. The representation of consumer preferences and perceptions in visual manner is classified as
  1.    perceptual maps
  2.    preference representation
  3.    feasible representation
  4.    desirable representation
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Answer: Option A. -> perceptual maps
Answer: (a).perceptual maps
Question 12. In brand mantra, the process of making it memorable is classified in dimension of
  1.    simplifying
  2.    straddling
  3.    communication
  4.    inspiration
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Answer: Option A. -> simplifying
Answer: (a).simplifying
Question 13. The share of market, mind and customer heart are three variables for analyzing
  1.    potential threats
  2.    potential strengths
  3.    potential opportunities
  4.    potential weaknesses
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Answer: Option A. -> potential threats
Answer: (a).potential threats
Question 14. The type of competitive advantage which is used as springboard to create new advantages is classified as
  1.    leverage able advantage
  2.    non leverage advantage
  3.    announced advantage
  4.    inspiring advantage
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Answer: Option A. -> leverage able advantage
Answer: (a).leverage able advantage
Question 15. The concept of viewing brands as belief complexed system is classified as
  1.    threaten branding
  2.    potential branding
  3.    primal branding
  4.    strength branding
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Answer: Option C. -> primal branding
Answer: (c).primal branding
Question 16. The way in which customer's think and act in terms of prices and market share is classified as
  1.    branding
  2.    valuing
  3.    advertising
  4.    brand equity
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Answer: Option D. -> brand equity
Answer: (d).brand equity
Question 17. The 'brand asset valuator' key pillars include
  1.    relevance
  2.    esteem
  3.    energized differentiation
  4.    all of the above
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Answer: Option D. -> all of the above
Answer: (d).all of the above
Question 18. The net present value is calculated by
  1.    brand discount rate
  2.    brand auditing
  3.    brand personification
  4.    total brand earnings0
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Answer: Option A. -> brand discount rate
Answer: (a).brand discount rate
Question 19. The stronger the brand is, the discount rate is
  1.    higher
  2.    lower
  3.    stable
  4.    earned
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Answer: Option B. -> lower
Answer: (b).lower
Question 20. The assessment of actual impact of brand knowledge on differential aspect of marketing is called
  1.    internal assessment
  2.    external assessment
  3.    direct approach
  4.    indirect approach
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Answer: Option C. -> direct approach
Answer: (c).direct approach

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