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Question 291. Completely competitive market exists when each member is a
  1.    price maker
  2.    price taker
  3.    price seeker
  4.    a& b
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Answer: Option B. -> price taker
Answer: (b).price taker
Question 292. A firm in a entirely competitive industry has
  1.    a perfectly elastic supply curve.
  2.    a perfectly elastic demand curve.
  3.    a negatively sloped demand curve
  4.    a positively sloped demand curve
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Answer: Option B. -> a perfectly elastic demand curve.
Answer: (b).a perfectly elastic demand curve.
Question 293. Marginal proceeds are equivalent to price for which one of following kinds of market structure
  1.    monopoly
  2.    perfect competition
  3.    monopolistic competition
  4.    oligopoly
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Answer: Option B. -> perfect competition
Answer: (b).perfect competition
Question 294. Economic returns are normally
  1.    higher than accounting profits
  2.    lower than accounting profits
  3.    identical to accounting profits
  4.    b&c;
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Answer: Option B. -> lower than accounting profits
Answer: (b).lower than accounting profits
Question 295. An industry appears closest to perfect competition
  1.    automobile manufacturing
  2.    fast food
  3.    wheat farming
  4.    computer software
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Answer: Option C. -> wheat farming
Answer: (c).wheat farming
Question 296. No entrance and way out obstacle creates it exceptionally simple to enter or exit a
  1.    perfectly competitive market
  2.    imperfect market
  3.    competitive market
  4.    imperfect competitive market
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Answer: Option A. -> perfectly competitive market
Answer: (a).perfectly competitive market
Question 297. Monopolistic competition is different from perfect competition mainly because
  1.    in monopolistic competition, there are relatively few barriers to entry.
  2.    in monopolistic competition, firms can differentiate their products.
  3.    in perfect competition, firms can differentiate their products.
  4.    in monopolistic competition, entry into industry is blocked.
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Answer: Option B. -> in monopolistic competition, firms can differentiate their products.
Answer: (b).in monopolistic competition, firms can differentiate their products.
Question 298. A structured way to distribute the insights within the organization is called
  1.    marketing dashboards
  2.    customer dashboards
  3.    stakeholder's dashboards
  4.    unit dashboards
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Answer: Option A. -> marketing dashboards
Answer: (a).marketing dashboards
Question 299. The second step in marketing research process is to
  1.    develop research plan
  2.    defining research objectives
  3.    analyzing market offerings
  4.    storing the findings
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Answer: Option A. -> develop research plan
Answer: (a).develop research plan
Question 300. The specific companies that are hired for specific projects and design studies are classified as
  1.    custom marketing research firms
  2.    designed researches
  3.    customer oriented research firms
  4.    None of above
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Answer: Option A. -> custom marketing research firms
Answer: (a).custom marketing research firms

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