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Question 31. The customer multiplier include
  1.    customer size and profile
  2.    clarity
  3.    relevance
  4.    risk profile
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Answer: Option A. -> customer size and profile
Answer: (a).customer size and profile
Question 32. The regular customers of company's products are rewarded by the designed programs, are classified as
  1.    customer's program
  2.    frequency programs
  3.    distribution programs
  4.    None of above
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Answer: Option B. -> frequency programs
Answer: (b).frequency programs
Question 33. The strategy of using company brand name for every product is referred as
  1.    house of products
  2.    branded house strategy
  3.    house of brands
  4.    strategy house
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Answer: Option B. -> branded house strategy
Answer: (b).branded house strategy
Question 34. The particular brand's equity arises from consumer's response to
  1.    similarities
  2.    differences
  3.    knowledge
  4.    equity
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Answer: Option B. -> differences
Answer: (b).differences
Question 35. A persons feeling of pleasure which results in products performance that match expectations is called
  1.    satisfaction
  2.    dissatisfaction
  3.    distinctive proposition
  4.    superior value
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Answer: Option A. -> satisfaction
Answer: (a).satisfaction
Question 36. The marketing messages that are based to respect consumer's wishes and willingness is classified as
  1.    permission marketing
  2.    supplier marketing
  3.    customer specified marketing
  4.    activity marketing
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Answer: Option A. -> permission marketing
Answer: (a).permission marketing
Question 37. In the buyer decision process, the percentage of potential customers in a given target market is called
  1.    customer funnel
  2.    company funnel
  3.    marketing funnel
  4.    retailers funnel
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Answer: Option C. -> marketing funnel
Answer: (c).marketing funnel
Question 38. The collection of individual customer comprehensive information which is accessible and actionable is classified as
  1.    company database
  2.    individual database
  3.    customer database
  4.    detailed database
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Answer: Option C. -> customer database
Answer: (c).customer database
Question 39. The second step in 'customer value analysis' is
  1.    assessing quantitative importance
  2.    examining specific segment
  3.    monitoring customer value
  4.    identifying benefits
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Answer: Option A. -> assessing quantitative importance
Answer: (a).assessing quantitative importance
Question 40. The process of managing information about customers to maximize loyalty is said to be
  1.    company relationship management
  2.    supplier management
  3.    retailer's management
  4.    customer relationship management
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Answer: Option D. -> customer relationship management
Answer: (d).customer relationship management

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