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Question 251. The value of well-known brand is typically half of the firm's
  1.    market finance
  2.    market capitalization
  3.    actual finance
  4.    asset total value
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Answer: Option B. -> market capitalization
Answer: (b).market capitalization
Question 252. The number of common and distinctive elements of brand are reflected as
  1.    brand earnings
  2.    brand responsiveness
  3.    brand architecture
  4.    branding rate
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Answer: Option C. -> brand architecture
Answer: (c).brand architecture
Question 253. The record which is based on business customer's past purchases, sales price and volumes is classified as
  1.    business database
  2.    customer database
  3.    databases marketing
  4.    company marketing
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Answer: Option A. -> business database
Answer: (a).business database
Question 254. The aggregate value of customer's base is classified as
  1.    shareholder value
  2.    base value
  3.    retention value
  4.    marketer's base value
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Answer: Option A. -> shareholder value
Answer: (a).shareholder value
Question 255. All the costs customer expects to incur to buy any market offering is called
  1.    total economic cost
  2.    total functional cost
  3.    total customer cost
  4.    total sampling cost
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Answer: Option C. -> total customer cost
Answer: (c).total customer cost
Question 256. The third step in the customer's value analysis is
  1.    assessing the attributes importance
  2.    assessing the company's performance
  3.    monitoring competitor's performance
  4.    Both b and c
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Answer: Option D. -> Both b and c
Answer: (d).Both b and c
Question 257. The whole cluster of benefits when company promises to deliver through its market offering is called
  1.    value proposition
  2.    customer proposition
  3.    product proposition
  4.    brand proposition
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Answer: Option A. -> value proposition
Answer: (a).value proposition
Question 258. The customer's lifetime purchases that generate the net present value of future profit streams is called
  1.    customer lifetime value
  2.    customer purchases value
  3.    customer cost incurred
  4.    customer relationships
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Answer: Option A. -> customer lifetime value
Answer: (a).customer lifetime value
Question 259. The 'total customer benefits' include
  1.    product benefits
  2.    services benefit
  3.    image benefit
  4.    all of the above
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Answer: Option D. -> all of the above
Answer: (d).all of the above
Question 260. The difference between the customer's evaluation including all the costs incurred and the benefits is called
  1.    customer perceived value
  2.    company market value
  3.    customer affordability
  4.    customer reliability
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Answer: Option A. -> customer perceived value
Answer: (a).customer perceived value

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