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Question 241. The esteem and knowledge together can create
  1.    brand awareness
  2.    brand knowledge
  3.    brand stature
  4.    brand value
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Answer: Option C. -> brand stature
Answer: (c).brand stature
Question 242. When the bands are introduced to compete with the competitors thus the brands are classified as
  1.    flankers
  2.    competitive
  3.    variant brand
  4.    sub variant brands
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Answer: Option A. -> flankers
Answer: (a).flankers
Question 243. A company's overall financial health of brand and future customer perspective is classified as
  1.    unit dashboards
  2.    brand metrics pathway
  3.    marketing dashboards
  4.    stakeholder's dashboards
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Answer: Option B. -> brand metrics pathway
Answer: (b).brand metrics pathway
Question 244. The technique of asking in which the researcher is asked to write first word to come in mind is classified as
  1.    word appreciation test
  2.    graphic appreciation test
  3.    completely unstructured
  4.    word association
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Answer: Option D. -> word association
Answer: (d).word association
Question 245. An analysis of long term marketing impacts through measuring brand equity is called
  1.    customer's metrics pathway
  2.    unit metrics pathway
  3.    cash-flow metrics pathway
  4.    brand metrics pathway
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Answer: Option D. -> brand metrics pathway
Answer: (d).brand metrics pathway
Question 246. The 'customer loyalty or retention' is best classified as
  1.    marketing external metrics
  2.    sampling metrics
  3.    unit metrics
  4.    procedural metrics
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Answer: Option A. -> marketing external metrics
Answer: (a).marketing external metrics
Question 247. The technique in which the people create picture of collage or other drawings to depict consumer's perceptions is called
  1.    visualizations
  2.    personifications
  3.    laddering
  4.    associations
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Answer: Option A. -> visualizations
Answer: (a).visualizations
Question 248. In BVA, the degree through which the brand is seen different with its perceived leadership and momentum is classified as
  1.    energized differentiation
  2.    energized similarities
  3.    perceived differences
  4.    perceived similarities
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Answer: Option A. -> energized differentiation
Answer: (a).energized differentiation
Question 249. The number of acquisition and its prospect depends on
  1.    add-on spending
  2.    retention
  3.    visualization
  4.    acquisition
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Answer: Option D. -> acquisition
Answer: (d).acquisition
Question 250. The overall brand discount rate is equal to the sum of
  1.    brand risk premium
  2.    risk free rate
  3.    brand earnings
  4.    Both a and b
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Answer: Option D. -> Both a and b
Answer: (d).Both a and b

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