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Question 231. The stage which describes extrinsic properties to meet customer's social needs is considered as
  1.    brand salience
  2.    brand performance
  3.    brand imagery
  4.    brand feelings
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Answer: Option C. -> brand imagery
Answer: (c).brand imagery
Question 232. The low priced brands in the brand portfolio of particular Company are classified as
  1.    traffic builders
  2.    fighter brands
  3.    flankers
  4.    competing brands
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Answer: Option A. -> traffic builders
Answer: (a).traffic builders
Question 233. In value stages, the shareholder value must consider
  1.    attachment
  2.    product and trade
  3.    price premiums
  4.    market capitalization
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Answer: Option D. -> market capitalization
Answer: (d).market capitalization
Question 234. The stage when customers think about a brand under consumption situation is classified as
  1.    brand salience
  2.    brand performance
  3.    brand imagery
  4.    brand feelings
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Answer: Option A. -> brand salience
Answer: (a).brand salience
Question 235. In brand dynamics, the relevance to consumer needs within an affordable price is classified as
  1.    performance
  2.    advantage
  3.    presence
  4.    brand relevance
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Answer: Option D. -> brand relevance
Answer: (d).brand relevance
Question 236. All the products in category and line extensions a seller makes particularly is classified as
  1.    brand line
  2.    sub-brand line
  3.    brand assortment
  4.    brand endorsement
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Answer: Option A. -> brand line
Answer: (a).brand line
Question 237. The value creation practices such as welcoming and governing is classified as
  1.    social networking
  2.    impression management
  3.    community engagement
  4.    brand use
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Answer: Option A. -> social networking
Answer: (a).social networking
Question 238. The criteria for choosing the brand elements are classified as
  1.    memorable
  2.    meaningful
  3.    likeable
  4.    all of the above
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Answer: Option D. -> all of the above
Answer: (d).all of the above
Question 239. The brand knowledge differential effects on consumer mind with the help of marketing of the specific brand is considered as
  1.    marketer's brand equity
  2.    customer based brand equity
  3.    knowledge based equity
  4.    effective brand equity
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Answer: Option B. -> customer based brand equity
Answer: (b).customer based brand equity
Question 240. The process of how effectively existing brand equity has leveraged to a new product is considered as
  1.    potential extensions
  2.    lifetime extensions
  3.    bait extensions
  4.    visual extensions
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Answer: Option A. -> potential extensions
Answer: (a).potential extensions

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