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Question 261. The first step in analysis of customer value is to
  1.    identify customer's value attributes
  2.    assessing the attributes importance
  3.    assessing the company's performance
  4.    assessing the competitor's performance
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Answer: Option A. -> identify customer's value attributes
Answer: (a).identify customer's value attributes
Question 262. The programs designed for customers which is limited to any affinity group are classified as
  1.    club membership programs
  2.    royalty programs
  3.    loyalty programs
  4.    group membership programs
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Answer: Option A. -> club membership programs
Answer: (a).club membership programs
Question 263. The process of building, organizing and using databases of customers to build customer relationship is classified as
  1.    database marketing
  2.    customer database
  3.    detailed database
  4.    company database
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Answer: Option A. -> database marketing
Answer: (a).database marketing
Question 264. The perceived monetary value of all the benefits which customers expect from a given product because of brand image is called
  1.    total customer benefit
  2.    total customer cost
  3.    total economic cost
  4.    total functional cost
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Answer: Option A. -> total customer benefit
Answer: (a).total customer benefit
Question 265. The system includes all the experiences while using the market offering is classified as
  1.    customer proposition
  2.    value delivery system
  3.    product proposition
  4.    distinctive proposition
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Answer: Option B. -> value delivery system
Answer: (b).value delivery system
Question 266. The number of customers or potential customers who will help in company's growth is classified as
  1.    customer's base
  2.    retailer's base
  3.    distributor's base
  4.    marketer's base
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Answer: Option A. -> customer's base
Answer: (a).customer's base
Question 267. Any occasion on which the brand or product is encountered by end customers is called
  1.    customer touch point
  2.    company touch point
  3.    retailers touch point
  4.    relationship touch point
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Answer: Option A. -> customer touch point
Answer: (a).customer touch point
Question 268. Identification and observation of a brand is extremely influenced by its
  1.    marketing
  2.    loyalty
  3.    visual presentation
  4.    a & b
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Answer: Option C. -> visual presentation
Answer: (c).visual presentation
Question 269. Conducts used to clarify reliance of customers' common behaviour is
  1.    herd behaviour
  2.    herd behaviour
  3.    a & b
  4.    none of all of these
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Answer: Option B. -> herd behaviour
Answer: (b).herd behaviour
Question 270. Thing that can be presented to a market for concentration, acquirement, utilize, or spending that may persuade a want or want, recognized as
  1.    brand
  2.    loyalty
  3.    need
  4.    product
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Answer: Option D. -> product
Answer: (d).product

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