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Question 1. Who is the Chairperson of the 15th Finance Commission?
  1.    Rajiv Kumar
  2.    N K Singh
  3.    A K Sikri
  4.    Ranjan Gogoi
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Answer: Option B. -> N K Singh
Question 2. What is the name of the COVID 19 health policy, framed by the IRDAI?
  1.    Corona Saral
  2.    Corona Protect
  3.    Corona Aarogya
  4.    Corona Kavach
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Answer: Option D. -> Corona Kavach
Question 3. Which Indian became the youngest umpire to enter ICC(International Cricket Council) Elite Panel?
  1.    Krish Srikanth
  2.    Nitin Menon
  3.    Srinivas Venkatraghavan
  4.    Sundaram Ravi
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Answer: Option B. -> Nitin Menon
Question 4. Which Indian State/UT has launched the world's largest convalescent plasma therapy project for treating COVID-19 named PLATINA?
  1.    Tamil Nadu
  2.    New Delhi
  3.    Maharashtra
  4.    Kerala
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Answer: Option C. -> Maharashtra
Question 5. Where is the Headquarters of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime located?
  1.    Vienna
  2.    New York
  3.    Geneva
  4.    Paris
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Answer: Option A. -> Vienna
Question 6. Who has been conferred with the lifetime achievement award for his contribution to statistics?
  1.    Bimal Jalan
  2.    C Rangarajan
  3.    Y V Reddy
  4.    D Subba Rao
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Answer: Option B. -> C Rangarajan
Question 7. The Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps, by invoking its power under which act?
  1.    Right to Information Act
  2.    None of the listed here
  3.    Export Quality Control and Inspection Act
  4.    Information Technology Act
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Answer: Option D. -> Information Technology Act
Question 8. Which state government is set to launch the 'Kill Corona' campaign, to control the spread of coronavirus?
  1.    Gujarat
  2.    Uttar Pradesh
  3.    Bihar
  4.    Madhya Pradesh
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Answer: Option D. -> Madhya Pradesh
Question 9. Which is the first Indian State/UT to launch a dedicated Plasma Bank to treat COVID-19 patients?
  1.    Kerala
  2.    Maharashtra
  3.    Uttar Pradesh
  4.    New Delhi
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Answer: Option D. -> New Delhi
Question 10. What is the theme of the 'National Statistics Day' 2020 celebrated on June 29 ?
  1.    Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 5
  2.    Statistics is life
  3.    Honouring P. C. Mahalanobis
  4.    Indian statistics
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Answer: Option A. -> Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 5

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