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Question 51. What is the name of the new short-video platform launched by facebook, within its Instagram app?
  1.    Reels
  2.    Go Video
  3.    Video lus
  4.    Livo
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Answer: Option A. -> Reels
Question 52. What is the name of the mission undertaken by the Indian Navy, to bring back Indian citizens from overseas during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  1.    Vande Bharat Mission
  2.    Operation Sukoon
  3.    Operation Rahat
  4.    Operation Samudra Setu
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Answer: Option D. -> Operation Samudra Setu
Question 53. An employee who earns a monthly salary of up to Rs 15,000 is mandatorily required to join which security scheme?
  1.    Employee Provident Fund
  2.    National Pension Scheme
  3.    New Pension Scheme
  4.    Atal Pension Yojana
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Answer: Option A. -> Employee Provident Fund
Question 54. Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jafri is the real name of which famous actor, who recently passed away?
  1.    Jaydeep
  2.    Suresh Amonkar
  3.    Bishnu Charan Das
  4.    Ranjon Ghoshal
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Answer: Option A. -> Jaydeep
Question 55. What is the theme of the virtual conference 'India Global Week 2020', being organised in the United Kingdom?
  1.    India winning Covid 19
  2.    Spiritual Face of India
  3.    Atmanirbhar Bharat
  4.    Be The Revival : India and a Better New World
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Answer: Option D. -> Be The Revival : India and a Better New World
Question 56. Which state has become the first to use Space Technology to safeguard government lands ?
  1.    Rajasthan
  2.    Gujarat
  3.    Telangana
  4.    Odisha
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Answer: Option D. -> Odisha
Question 57. Which countries became the first in South East Asia, to eliminate measles and rubella diseases ?
  1.    India and Sri Lanka
  2.    Sri Lanka and Maldives
  3.    India and Maldives
  4.    Pakistan and India
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Answer: Option B. -> Sri Lanka and Maldives
Question 58. Which country is reported to build six to eight nuclear reactors per year from 2020 to 2025 ?
  1.    United States
  2.    India
  3.    China
  4.    Israel
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Answer: Option C. -> China
Question 59. Amazonia-1, that is to be launched by the ISRO, is a satellite of which country?
  1.    New Zealand
  2.    Brazil
  3.    Japan
  4.    Australia
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Answer: Option B. -> Brazil
Question 60. Which armed force of india has directed its personnel to delete 89 mobile applications including Facebook, Tiktok and Pubg?
  1.    Indian Coast Guard
  2.    Indian Navy
  3.    Indian Army
  4.    Indian Air Force
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Answer: Option C. -> Indian Army

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