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Question 31. Which indian state has banned the sale of dog meat and commercial import and trading of dogs?
  1.    Gujarat
  2.    Nagaland
  3.    Assam
  4.    Arunachal Pradesh
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Answer: Option B. -> Nagaland
Question 32. What is the name of the National award winning Bollywood choreographer, who recently passed away?
  1.    Protik Prakash
  2.    Taridib Ghosh
  3.    Geetha Nagabhushan
  4.    Saroj Khan
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Answer: Option D. -> Saroj Khan
Question 33. Who has been appointed as the new prime Minister of France?
  1.    Jean Castex
  2.    Edouard Philippe
  3.    Emmanuel Macron
  4.    Mikhail Mishustin
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Answer: Option A. -> Jean Castex
Question 34. Which country has become the first major economy to shut down coal and nuclear power?
  1.    Australia
  2.    Canada
  3.    Germany
  4.    France
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Answer: Option C. -> Germany
Question 35. What is the name of the free video conferencing application, launched by Reliance Jio?
  1.    Jio Zoom
  2.    Vande Bharat
  3.    Hello India
  4.    JioMeet
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Answer: Option D. -> JioMeet
Question 36. Which country has the world's largest elephant population?
  1.    Naimibia
  2.    Thailand
  3.    Botswana
  4.    Zimbabwe
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Answer: Option C. -> Botswana
Question 37. Which Indian State/UT has launched a mobile van 'Dhanvantri Rath' providing essential healthcare services to the people?
  1.    Bihar
  2.    Madhya Pradesh
  3.    Gujarat
  4.    Maharashtra
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Answer: Option C. -> Gujarat
Question 38. Lin Dan, who associated his retirement, is associated with which sports?
  1.    Football
  2.    Badminton
  3.    Table tennis
  4.    Tennis
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Answer: Option B. -> Badminton
Question 39. Which social media platform has launched a campaign called 'It's between you', in india?
  1.    WhatsApp
  2.    Twitter
  3.    Tik Tok
  4.    Telegram
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Answer: Option A. -> WhatsApp
Question 40. What is the name of the first social media super-application, to be launched in India?
  1.    Elyments
  2.    Homegrown
  3.    Incorporate
  4.    Inspire
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Answer: Option A. -> Elyments

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