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Question 61. Which state government has constituted a commission to protect the Constitution rights of tribual communities?
  1.    Uttarakhand
  2.    Bihar
  3.    Gujarat
  4.    Odisha
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Answer: Option C. -> Gujarat
Question 62. A commercial communication satellite named 'APStar-6D' was launched from which country,using its flaship Long March rocket?
  1.    India
  2.    China
  3.    Russia
  4.    USA
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Answer: Option B. -> China
Question 63. Which aerospace company has completed delivering 22 Apache and 15 Chinook military helicopters to the Indian Air Force?
  1.    Boeing
  2.    SpaceX
  3.    Tesla
  4.    Air Bus
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Answer: Option A. -> Boeing
Question 64. Flipkart has signed a MOU with which Indian state/UT to promote local art, craft and handlooms?
  1.    Karnataka
  2.    Jammu & Kashmir
  3.    Tamil Nadu
  4.    Andhra Pradesh
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Answer: Option A. -> Karnataka
Question 65. Solar Energy Corporation of India is a public sector undertaking working under which Union Ministry?
  1.    Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
  2.    Ministry of Coal
  3.    Ministry of Coal
  4.    Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
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Answer: Option A. -> Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
Question 66. Which is the first Arab country, to plan for its Mars orbiter mission?
  1.    Qatar
  2.    Saudi Arabia
  3.    UAE
  4.    Kuwait
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Answer: Option C. -> UAE
Question 67. Hagia Sophia, the monument that was seen in news recently, is located in whic country?
  1.    Italy
  2.    Turkey
  3.    Australia
  4.    USA
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Answer: Option B. -> Turkey
Question 68. Who has become the second fastest all rounder to score 4000 runs and take 150 wicket ?
  1.    Kemar Roach
  2.    Ben stokes
  3.    Jason Holder
  4.    Eoin Morgan
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Answer: Option B. -> Ben stokes
Question 69. Which country's Tiger Census has set a guinness record, for being the world's largest camera trap wildlife survey?
  1.    India
  2.    Indonesia
  3.    USA
  4.    Malaysia
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Answer: Option A. -> India
Question 70. What is the rank of Mukesh Ambani in the world's billionaire's list, as per the Hurun Research?
  1.    Five
  2.    Six
  3.    Ten
  4.    Seven
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Answer: Option A. -> Five

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