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Question 11. Kholongchhu is the first joint venture hydroelectric project between India and which country?
  1.    Bangladesh
  2.    Bhutan
  3.    Singapore
  4.    Myanmar
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Answer: Option B. -> Bhutan
Question 12. Who has been re-appointed as the Attorney General of India?
  1.    Ranjit Kumar
  2.    Mukul Rohatgi
  3.    Tushar Mehta
  4.    Maninder singh
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Answer: Option B. -> Mukul Rohatgi
Question 13. A new type of swine flu that is capable of triggering a pandemic has been discovered in which country?
  1.    America
  2.    Vietnam
  3.    China
  4.    Japan
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Answer: Option C. -> China
Question 14. Who has been named as 'Indian's Most valuable test player of the 21st Century'by wisden?
  1.    R Ashwin
  2.    M S Dhoni
  3.    Ravindra Jadeja
  4.    Virat Kohli
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Answer: Option C. -> Ravindra Jadeja
Question 15. Which is the headquarters of the UNFPA(United Nations Population Fund)
  1.    Nairobi
  2.    Geneva
  3.    New York
  4.    Paris
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Answer: Option C. -> New York
Question 16. Indian oil and NTPC partnered to develop a Waste to Energy plant at which Indian state/UT?
  1.    Bihar
  2.    Odisha
  3.    Maharashtra
  4.    New Delhi
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Answer: Option D. -> New Delhi
Question 17. Asia's first-ever Continuous Galvanized Rebar manufacturing facility has been launched in which state?
  1.    Rajasthan
  2.    Chhattisgarh
  3.    Punjab
  4.    Maharashtra
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Answer: Option C. -> Punjab
Question 18. Which global organization released the Global Education Monitoring Report?
  1.    UNESCO
  2.    World Bank
  3.    UNICEF
  4.    IMF
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Answer: Option A. -> UNESCO
Question 19. What is the theme of the 'National Doctors Day'2020 ?
  1.    Lessen the mortality of COVID-19
  2.    Help those who help us
  3.    Honouring B.C.Roy
  4.    No voilence against Doctors
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Answer: Option A. -> Lessen the mortality of COVID-19
Question 20. Which Indian author has won the 2020 Commonwealth Short Story Prize?
  1.    Kritika Pandey
  2.    Madhuri Vijay
  3.    Arvind Adiga
  4.    Arundhati Roy
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Answer: Option A. -> Kritika Pandey

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