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Question 21. Which indian Badminton star is to launch the series of fit India's interactive sessions called 'Fit India Talks'?
  1.    Saina Nehwal
  2.    Srikanth Kidambi
  3.    P V Sindhu
  4.    Sai Praneeth
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Answer: Option C. -> P V Sindhu
Question 22. Who has been appointed as the next permanent representative of India to the United Nations?
  1.    Vivek Katju
  2.    Taranjit Singh Sandhu
  3.    Indra Mani Pandey
  4.    Ronen Sen
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Answer: Option C. -> Indra Mani Pandey
Question 23. Which technology company has announced a new global skills initiative, to train 25 million people worldwide?
  1.    Amazon
  2.    Facebook
  3.    Google
  4.    Microsoft
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Answer: Option D. -> Microsoft
Question 24. Which Indian state is to Launch a scheme named 'Hamara Ghar-Hamara Vidhyalaya '? a
  1.    Maharashtra
  2.    Gujarat
  3.    Bihar
  4.    Madhya Pradesh
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Answer: Option D. -> Madhya Pradesh
Question 25. What is the name of the project announced by Kerala, for rehabilitation of its people returning from abroad?
  1.    Welcome Back
  2.    God's Own Country
  3.    Winning Covid
  4.    Dream Kerala
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Answer: Option D. -> Dream Kerala
Question 26. Dharma Chakra Parvattana is a famous celebration of which religion?
  1.    Sikhism
  2.    Buddhism
  3.    Jainism
  4.    Hinduism
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Answer: Option B. -> Buddhism
Question 27. Everton Weekes, who passed away recently, was associated with which field?
  1.    Sports
  2.    Literature
  3.    Arts
  4.    Politics
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Answer: Option A. -> Sports
Question 28. Phobos, that was seen in news, is the biggest natural satellite of which planet?
  1.    Jupiter
  2.    Venus
  3.    Saturn
  4.    Mars
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Answer: Option D. -> Mars
Question 29. Which organization builds the Su-30 MKI aircraft, that was seen in news recently?
  1.    Hindustan Aeronotical Ltd
  2.    Indian Space Research Organization
  3.    Bharat Electronics Ltd
  4.    DRDO
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Answer: Option A. -> Hindustan Aeronotical Ltd
Question 30. Which international organization has released the report titled 'COVID 19 and Tourism ' ?
  1.    UNFPA
  2.    UNWTO
  3.    UNCTAD
  4.    UNIDO
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Answer: Option C. -> UNCTAD

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