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Question 41. Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Plant, which is said to be the largest solar plant in Asia, is to be inaugurated in which state ?
  1.    Gujarat
  2.    Odisha
  3.    Rajasthan
  4.    Madhya Pradesh
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Answer: Option D. -> Madhya Pradesh
Question 42. Which is the first Indian State/UT to provide LPG connections to all its households?
  1.    Gujarat
  2.    Himachal Pradesh
  3.    Andhra Pradesh
  4.    Odisha
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Answer: Option B. -> Himachal Pradesh
Question 43. Which country's Railway has set up the world's first solar power plant to directly Power Overhead line?
  1.    China
  2.    Australia
  3.    USA
  4.    India
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Answer: Option D. -> India
Question 44. Who is the author of the book titled 'Overdraft: Saving the Indian Saver '?
  1.    Shaktikanta Das
  2.    Raghuram Rajan
  3.    Amartya Sen
  4.    Urjit Patel
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Answer: Option D. -> Urjit Patel
Question 45. The world's largest COVID care centre has been inaugurated in which Indian state/UT?
  1.    Maharashtra
  2.    New Delhi
  3.    Madhya Pradesh
  4.    Gujarat
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Answer: Option B. -> New Delhi
Question 46. Which country has launched a new military surveillance satellite named 'Ofek 16' ?
  1.    UAE
  2.    China
  3.    Israel
  4.    USA
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Answer: Option C. -> Israel
Question 47. Which Racing driver has won the Formula One Austrian Grand Prix event?
  1.    Valtteri Bottas
  2.    Charles Leclerc
  3.    Sebastien Vettel
  4.    Lewis Hamilton
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Answer: Option A. -> Valtteri Bottas
Question 48. Who has been appointed as the first chairman of the International Financial Services Centre Authority (IFSCA)?
  1.    Injeti Srinivas
  2.    C Rangarajan
  3.    Narasimhan
  4.    D Subba Rao
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Answer: Option A. -> Injeti Srinivas
Question 49. Which state has the highest count of inbred tigers in the country, as per the National Centre for Biological Sciences?
  1.    Karnataka
  2.    Madhya Pradesh
  3.    West Bengal
  4.    Rajasthan
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Answer: Option D. -> Rajasthan
Question 50. Which indian state celebrates 'Farmer Day' on july 8, to commemorate the birth anniversary of its former Chief Minister?
  1.    Gujarat
  2.    Tamilnadu
  3.    Maharashtra
  4.    Andhra Pradesh
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Answer: Option D. -> Andhra Pradesh

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