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Question 41. The timeframe between placement of order until a finished good produces is classified as
  1.    customer response time
  2.    manufacturing lead time
  3.    manufacturing cycle time
  4.    both b and c
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Answer: Option D. -> both b and c
Answer: (d).both b and c
Question 42. The costs incur for defective products, before their shipment to customers can be categorized as
  1.    prevention costs
  2.    external failure costs
  3.    appraisal costs
  4.    internal failure costs
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Answer: Option D. -> internal failure costs
Answer: (d).internal failure costs
Question 43. If total number of employees surveyed are 200 and employees that indicate higher rating for satisfaction are 195, then employee satisfaction would be
  1.    94%
  2.    93%
  3.    95%
  4.    97.50%
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Answer: Option D. -> 97.50%
Answer: (d).97.50%
Question 44. The costs that are incurred to prevent low quality goods production are classified as
  1.    costs of quality
  2.    costs of learning
  3.    costs of reengineering
  4.    costs of spoilage inventory
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Answer: Option A. -> costs of quality
Answer: (a).costs of quality
Question 45. The total manufacturing time is multiplied to the manufacturing cycle efficiency to calculate
  1.    manufacturing cycle efficiency
  2.    value added manufacturing time
  3.    responding time
  4.    delivery time
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Answer: Option B. -> value added manufacturing time
Answer: (b).value added manufacturing time
Question 46. The delivery of goods by the time it is contracted to be delivered is known as
  1.    effective performance
  2.    efficient performance
  3.    in-time performance
  4.    on-time performance
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Answer: Option D. -> on-time performance
Answer: (d).on-time performance
Question 47. The value added manufacturing time is divided by total manufacturing, is to calculate
  1.    value chain efficiency
  2.    value chain effectivity
  3.    manufacturing cycle effectivity
  4.    manufacturing cycle efficiency
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Answer: Option D. -> manufacturing cycle efficiency
Answer: (d).manufacturing cycle efficiency
Question 48. The chart which represents how regularly the defect occurs in production process is classified as
  1.    relevant costing diagram
  2.    cause and effect diagram
  3.    control chart
  4.    Pareto chart
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Answer: Option D. -> Pareto chart
Answer: (d).Pareto chart
Question 49. If the manufacturing cycle efficiency is 0.725 and the total manufacturing time is 45 minute, then the value added manufacturing time will be
  1.    42.625
  2.    36.724
  3.    32.625
  4.    41.625
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Answer: Option C. -> 32.625
Answer: (c).32.625
Question 50. An organization's ability to offer market offerings at lower prices, in comparison with its competitors is known as
  1.    inelastic demand
  2.    product differentiation
  3.    cost leadership
  4.    elastic demand
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Answer: Option C. -> cost leadership
Answer: (c).cost leadership

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