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Question 31. In response to challenges arisen by competitors and new entrants, the strategy which must be considered by the company does include
  1.    cost leadership
  2.    demand inelasticity
  3.    differentiated products
  4.    both a and c
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Answer: Option D. -> both a and c
Answer: (d).both a and c
Question 32. An amount of available capacity other than employed capacity, to meet the customer's demand, is classified as
  1.    targeted capacity
  2.    budgeted capacity
  3.    recovery capacity
  4.    unused capacity
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Answer: Option D. -> unused capacity
Answer: (d).unused capacity
Question 33. The balanced scorecard perspective measures company's success in targeted segments of customers, this perspective can also be classified as
  1.    internal business process perspective
  2.    customer perspective
  3.    learning perspective
  4.    financial perspective
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Answer: Option B. -> customer perspective
Answer: (b).customer perspective
Question 34. Considering two fiscal years 2013 and 2014, the actual units sold in 2013 and 2014 are 11000 and 12500 units respectively, and selling price in year 2013 is $50, then revenue effect of growth will be
  1.    $70,000
  2.    $75,000
  3.    $65,000
  4.    $73,000
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Answer: Option B. -> $75,000
Answer: (b).$75,000
Question 35. In operating income strategic analysis, the strategic component which measures change in cost attributed to price of input in current year, relative to price of input material in last year, can be classified as
  1.    internal process component
  2.    growth component
  3.    price recovery component
  4.    productivity component
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Answer: Option D. -> productivity component
Answer: (d).productivity component
Question 36. The time between a customer's order placement till the customer receives its delivery is known as
  1.    manufacturing lead time
  2.    manufacturing cycle time
  3.    customer response time
  4.    system process time
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Answer: Option C. -> customer response time
Answer: (c).customer response time
Question 37. The reduction in setup time, manufacturing cycle efficiency and average time of manufacturing for key products are the examples of
  1.    measures of growth and learning
  2.    measures of internal business processes
  3.    customer measures
  4.    financial measures
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Answer: Option B. -> measures of internal business processes
Answer: (b).measures of internal business processes
Question 38. The costs that are incurred to find manufactured products, which does not meet specifications are called
  1.    prevention costs
  2.    external failure costs
  3.    appraisal costs
  4.    internal failure costs
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Answer: Option C. -> appraisal costs
Answer: (c).appraisal costs
Question 39. The employees that are trained to manage bottlenecks, during production operations; employee satisfaction are related to
  1.    measures of growth and learning
  2.    measures of internal business processes
  3.    customer measures
  4.    financial measures
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Answer: Option A. -> measures of growth and learning
Answer: (a).measures of growth and learning
Question 40. The graph which plots the series of successive observations of specific procedure, operation or step at regular time intervals is called
  1.    relevant costing diagram
  2.    cause and effect diagram
  3.    control chart
  4.    pareto diagram
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Answer: Option C. -> control chart
Answer: (c).control chart

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