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Question 1. A product performance in comparison to its features and design is classified as
  1.    learning quality
  2.    design quality
  3.    conformance quality
  4.    business process quality
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Answer: Option C. -> conformance quality
Answer: (c).conformance quality
Question 2. The number of employees that indicate high ratings of satisfaction, divided by number of surveyed employees are to calculate
  1.    employee satisfaction
  2.    employee turnover
  3.    employee training
  4.    employee failures
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Answer: Option A. -> employee satisfaction
Answer: (a).employee satisfaction
Question 3. If the number of processes, in which employees who can make decisions are 20 and the number of processes are 50, then employee empowerment ratio will be
  1.    0.9
  2.    0.4
  3.    0.3
  4.    0.8
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Answer: Option B. -> 0.4
Answer: (b).0.4
Question 4. The consumed time to deliver a complete order to its customers is termed as
  1.    responding time
  2.    value chain time
  3.    delivery time
  4.    manufacturing cycle efficiency
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Answer: Option C. -> delivery time
Answer: (c).delivery time
Question 5. The sum of cost of direct materials, costs of buildings, equipment, research and development costs is classified as
  1.    throughput costs
  2.    investments
  3.    operating costs
  4.    marginal costs
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Answer: Option B. -> investments
Answer: (b).investments
Question 6. The on-time performance and customer-response time are the examples of
  1.    customer measures
  2.    financial measures
  3.    measures of growth and learning
  4.    measures of internal business processes
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Answer: Option A. -> customer measures
Answer: (a).customer measures
Question 7. If the cost of direct materials use in the goods sold is $5000 and the total revenues are $9000 then the throughput contribution would be
  1.    $5,000
  2.    $14,000
  3.    $4,000
  4.    $9,000
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Answer: Option C. -> $4,000
Answer: (c).$4,000
Question 8. The time a company takes until a good is produced after order placement is known as
  1.    manufacturing lead time
  2.    manufacturing cycle efficiency
  3.    customer response time
  4.    system process time
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Answer: Option A. -> manufacturing lead time
Answer: (a).manufacturing lead time
Question 9. The types of costs of quality consist of
  1.    appraisal costs
  2.    internal and external failure costs
  3.    prevention costs
  4.    all of above
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Answer: Option D. -> all of above
Answer: (d).all of above
Question 10. The factors identified by cause and effect diagrams include
  1.    component and material factors
  2.    machine-related factors
  3.    human factors
  4.    all of above
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Answer: Option D. -> all of above
Answer: (d).all of above

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