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Question 1. In a __________ orientation, the role of marketing research is to determine customer needs and how well the company is satisfying them.
  1.    Marketing
  2.    Production
  3.    Both of the above
  4.    None of the above
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Answer: Option A. -> Marketing
Question 2. When a manager focuses on making whatever products are easy to produce, and then trying to sell them, that manager has a _____________ orientation.
  1.    Marketing
  2.    Production
  3.    Sales
  4.    Profit
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Answer: Option B. -> Production
Question 3. In addition to businesses, the marketing concept is also applicable to ___________.
  1.    Government agencies
  2.    Religious groups
  3.    Fine arts organizations
  4.    All of the above
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Answer: Option D. -> All of the above
Question 4. The controllable variables a company puts together to satisfy a target group is called the _____________.
  1.    Marketing strategy
  2.    Marketing mix
  3.    Strategic planning
  4.    Marketing concept
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Answer: Option B. -> Marketing mix
Question 5. When customer expectations regarding product quality, service quality, and value-based price are met or exceeded, _________ is created.
  1.    Customer satisfaction
  2.    Planning excellence
  3.    A quality rift
  4.    A value line
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Answer: Option A. -> Customer satisfaction
Question 6. In relationship marketing firms focus on __________ relationships with __________.
  1.    Short-term; customers and suppliers
  2.    Long-term; customers and suppliers
  3.    Short-term; customers
  4.    Long-term; customers
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Answer: Option B. -> Long-term; customers and suppliers
Question 7. A marketing philosophy summarized by the phrase 'a stronger focus on social and ethical concerns in marketing' is characteristic of the _________ period.
  1.    Production
  2.    Sales
  3.    Marketing
  4.    Societal marketing
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Answer: Option D. -> Societal marketing
Question 8. If the aim of the promotion to introduce a new consumer product is to achieve high awareness levels, the firm will most likely make heavy use of _______ in the promotional mix.
  1.    Advertising
  2.    Sales promotion
  3.    Personal selling
  4.    Publicity
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Answer: Option A. -> Advertising
Question 9. The basic role of promotion is _________.
  1.    Information
  2.    Manipulation
  3.    Communication
  4.    Interpretation
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Answer: Option C. -> Communication
Question 10. A consumer contest is an example of _________.
  1.    Personal selling
  2.    Sales promotion
  3.    Advertising
  4.    Indirect selling
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Answer: Option B. -> Sales promotion

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