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Question 1. The manner in which the process of risk management is conducted depends on
  1.    Management impact
  2.    Technological impact
  3.    Environment impact
  4.    Conflicts
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Answer: Option C. -> Environment impact
Answer: (c).Environment impact
Question 2. Monitoring residual risks and identification of new risks is done at
  1.    Qualitative Risk Analysis
  2.    Risk monitoring and controlling
  3.    Quantitative Risk Analysis
  4.    Risk Identification
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Answer: Option B. -> Risk monitoring and controlling
Answer: (b).Risk monitoring and controlling
Question 3. A description of a task that defines all the work required to accomplish it, including inputs and desired outputs, is known as
  1.    Work statement
  2.    Problem statement
  3.    Work Definition
  4.    Problem definition
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Answer: Option A. -> Work statement
Answer: (a).Work statement
Question 4. A way of life for PMs and their projects, is
  1.    Certainty
  2.    Success ration
  3.    Uncertainty
  4.    Failure ratio
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Answer: Option C. -> Uncertainty
Answer: (c).Uncertainty
Question 5. In matric approach, the project is the point of emphasis, responsibility of managing the project is on
  1.    One Individual
  2.    Combinations of 2
  3.    Multiple Groups
  4.    One department
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Answer: Option A. -> One Individual
Answer: (a).One Individual
Question 6. To ensure against the memory risk, the risk management system should maintain an up-to-date
  1.    Data Book
  2.    Data bank
  3.    Data box
  4.    Data block
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Answer: Option B. -> Data bank
Answer: (b).Data bank
Question 7. Housing the project in a functional organization is simply too
  1.    Expensive
  2.    Cheap
  3.    Constraining
  4.    Easy installed
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Answer: Option C. -> Constraining
Answer: (c).Constraining
Question 8. The first sub process in the risk management process is
  1.    Risk Identification
  2.    Risk Response
  3.    Risk Management Planning
  4.    Risk monitoring and controlling
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Answer: Option C. -> Risk Management Planning
Answer: (c).Risk Management Planning
Question 9. The impetus for the matrix organization was the fact that firms operating in high technology areas had to integrate several
  1.    Functional Specialties
  2.    Managerial Specialties
  3.    Technical Specialties
  4.    Departmental Specialties
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Answer: Option A. -> Functional Specialties
Answer: (a).Functional Specialties
Question 10. Everything a risk management group does for any project should be retained in the risk
  1.    Planning
  2.    Analysis
  3.    Response
  4.    Database
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Answer: Option D. -> Database
Answer: (d).Database

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