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Question 1. The geographical pricing technique in which company charges same base price plus same freight without considering location of customer is called
  1.    freight on board origin pricing
  2.    zone pricing
  3.    basing point pricing
  4.    uniform delivered pricing
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Answer: Option D. -> uniform delivered pricing
Answer: (d).uniform delivered pricing
Question 2. The sales of products in introductory stage are recorded by the company as
  1.    low sales
  2.    rapidly rising
  3.    peak sales
  4.    gradually declining
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Answer: Option A. -> low sales
Answer: (a).low sales
Question 3. When the captive product pricing is used for services then this pricing strategy is classified as
  1.    two-part pricing
  2.    combine pricing
  3.    double pricing
  4.    optional part pricing
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Answer: Option A. -> two-part pricing
Answer: (a).two-part pricing
Question 4. According to 'real-win-worth doing' proposition of marketing, checking the fit of product in overall strategy is part of
  1.    real
  2.    win
  3.    worth doing
  4.    less worthy
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Answer: Option C. -> worth doing
Answer: (c).worth doing
Question 5. The process of changing one or more elements of marketing mix to improve sales is classified as
  1.    modifying marketing mix
  2.    modifying raw material schedule
  3.    modifying the product
  4.    modifying the market
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Answer: Option A. -> modifying marketing mix
Answer: (a).modifying marketing mix
Question 6. The pricing strategy whose steps are setup between different lines of product offered by same organization is called
  1.    optional pricing
  2.    product line pricing
  3.    competitive pricing
  4.    captive pricing
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Answer: Option B. -> product line pricing
Answer: (b).product line pricing
Question 7. The type of product development which is systematic, holistic and not compartmentalized is said to be
  1.    customer centered product development
  2.    team based product development
  3.    systematic product development
  4.    concentration based development
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Answer: Option C. -> systematic product development
Answer: (c).systematic product development
Question 8. The pricing strategy which combines prices of two or more products in a combo pack is classified as
  1.    segmented pricing
  2.    discount pricing
  3.    allowance pricing
  4.    product bundle pricing
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Answer: Option D. -> product bundle pricing
Answer: (d).product bundle pricing
Question 9. The geographical pricing strategy in which seller bears whole or portion of freight is classified as
  1.    flexible pricing
  2.    uniform pricing
  3.    basing point pricing
  4.    freight absorption costing
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Answer: Option D. -> freight absorption costing
Answer: (d).freight absorption costing
Question 10. The issues in pricing strategies includes
  1.    predatory pricing
  2.    price fixing
  3.    deceptive pricing
  4.    all of above
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Answer: Option D. -> all of above
Answer: (d).all of above

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