Mixed Bag

Two guys A and B are walking down an escalator in the direction of the motion of the escalator. A takes two steps on the same time when B takes one step. When A covers 60 steps he gets out of the escalator while B takes 40 steps to get out of the escalator. The number of steps in the escalator when it is stationary___

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: Let the escalator moves x steps when A walks down 60 steps. Total number of steps on a stationary escalator = x + 60. When A takes 60 steps, B should have taken 30 steps and the escalator x steps. So when B takes 40 steps, the escalator should have taken 43×x steps. So, 43×x+40 = x + 60 = Total number of steps in the escalator when it is stationary. So x = 60. Hence, total number of steps = 120

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