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If r,s are the roots of the equation x2-px+q=0, then what is the equation of the curve whose roots are ([1/r] + s) and ([1/s]+r)?
A .  px2-q(1-p)x+(1+q2)=0
B .  qx2+(p-q)x+(q2-1)=0
C .  (p-q)x2+pqx-(p+1)(q+1)=0
D .  qx2-p(q+1)x+(1+q)2=0
E .  qx2-p(q+1)x+(1+q)=0
Answer: Option D
option dput r=1 and s=1, then p=2 and q=1.Roots of the curve’s equation = 2,2Substitute values of p,q,r,s in options to check where 2,2 satisfy as roots. This happens only in option (d)

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