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A carnival merry-go-round rotates about a vertical axis at a constant rate. A man standing on the edge has a constant speed of 3 m/s and a centripetal acceleration a of magnitude 2 m/s2. Position vector  r locates him relative to the rotation axis.
What is the magnitude of  r ? What is the direction of  r when  a is directed due east?
A .  1.5 m, east
B .  4.5 m, east
C .  1.5 m, west
D .  4.5 m, west
Answer: Option D
When a is due east
 A Carnival Merry-go-round Rotates About A Vertical Axis At...
r will be due west as r points to the particle's position W.r.t. centre
As a always points toward the centre of motion
Please watch the video if you are still doubtful about why a:v2r

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