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A particle moves horizontally in uniform circular motion, over a horizontal xy plane. At one instant, it moves through the point at coordinates (4.00 m, 4.00 m) with a velocity of -5.00^i m/s and an acceleration of + 12.5^j m/s2. What are the x and y coordinates of the center of the circular path?
A .  (4, 6)
B .  (4, 2)
C .  (2, 4)
D .  (6, 4)
Answer: Option A
A Particle Moves Horizontally In Uniform Circular Motion, Ov...
since ac points in y direction that means centre should be right above it
We know ac=v2R
The centre is 2 units above the point(4,4)
Coordinates of centre =(4,6)

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