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A point P moves in counter-clockwise direction on a circular path as shown in the figure. The movement of 'P' is such that it sweeps out a length s=t3+5, where s is in meters and t is in seconds. The radius of the path is 20 m. The acceleration of 'P' when t = 2 s is nearly
A Point P Moves In Counter-clockwise Direction On A Circular...
A .  13 m/s2
B .  12 m/s2
C .  7.2 m/s2
D .  14 m/s2
Answer: Option D
Speed,v=dsdt=3t2 and rate of change of speed =dvdt=6t
tangential acceleration at t=2S,at = 6 × 2=12m/s2
centripetal acceleration,
net acceleration=a2t+a2i14m/s2

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