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Question 41. Which of the following material is sterilized by use of red heat?
  1.    Glass slides
  2.    Soiled dressings
  3.    All-glass syringes
  4.    Inoculating wires and loops
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Answer: Option D. -> Inoculating wires and loops
Question 42. Sweet and salty foods frequently don't require refrigeration to prevent spoilage because they have
  1.    low pH
  2.    high concentration of solutes
  3.    insufficient nutrients
  4.    toxic alkaline chemicals
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Answer: Option B. -> high concentration of solutes
Question 43. Iodophores are mixture of
  1.    iodine and phenols
  2.    iodine and alcohols
  3.    iodine and aldehydes
  4.    iodine and surface active agents
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Answer: Option D. -> iodine and surface active agents
Question 44. Which of the following is/are vapour-phase disinfectant/s?
  1.    Ethylene oxide
  2.    Formaldehyde
  3.    Both (a) and (b)
  4.    None of these
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Answer: Option C. -> Both (a) and (b)
Question 45. Which of the following methods will not sterilize?
  1.    Aqueous glutaraldehyde for 10 hours
  2.    Dry heat at 171°C for 1 to 2 hours
  3.    121°C at 15 lb/in pressure for 15 to 20 minutes
  4.    100°C boiling water for 30 minutes
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Answer: Option D. -> 100°C boiling water for 30 minutes
Question 46. Which of the following compounds are commonly used as general antiseptics to treat cuts and scratches?
  1.    Ethylene oxide
  2.    Aldehydes
  3.    None of these
  4.    Halogens
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Answer: Option D. -> Halogens
Question 47. Complete destruction of the microorganisms is commonly known as
  1.    sterilization
  2.    none of these
  3.    antisepsis
  4.    disinfection
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Answer: Option C. -> antisepsis
Question 48.  Which of the following articles can be sterilized in an autoclave?
  1.    Gloves
  2.    Culture media
  3.    Dressing material
  4.    All of these
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Answer: Option D. -> All of these
Question 49.  Which of the following disinfectants act by disrupting microbial membranes?
  1.    Cationic detergents
  2.    Halogens
  3.    Heavy metals
  4.    Aldehydes
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Answer: Option A. -> Cationic detergents
Question 50.  Which of the following is best used for long term storage of microbial samples when carried out properly?
  1.    Storage in a freezer at -10°C
  2.    Storage in a freezer at ultra low temperatures (-70°C)
  3.    Storage in a refrigerator on an agar slant
  4.    Storage on a petri plate at room temperature
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Answer: Option B. -> Storage in a freezer at ultra low temperatures (-70°C)

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