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Question 1. Which of the following is best to sterilize heat labile solutions?
  1.    Autoclave
  2.    Pasteurization
  3.    Membrane filtration
  4.    Dry heat
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Answer: Option C. -> Membrane filtration
Question 2. Which of the following disinfectants act by disrupting microbial membranes?
  1.    Aldehydes
  2.    Heavy metals
  3.    Halogens
  4.    Cationic detergents
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Answer: Option D. -> Cationic detergents
Question 3. Which of the following articles can be sterilized in an autoclave?
  1.    Dressing material
  2.    All of these
  3.    Gloves
  4.    Culture media
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Answer: Option B. -> All of these
Question 4. The time required to kill 90% of the microorganisms in a sample at a specific temperature is the
  1.    F value
  2.    decimal reduction time
  3.    D value
  4.    thermal death point
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Answer: Option C. -> D value
Question 5. Which of the following is best used for long term storage of microbial samples when carried out properly?
  1.    Storage in a freezer at ultra low temperatures (-70°C)
  2.    Storage on a petri plate at room temperature
  3.    Storage in a freezer at -10°C
  4.    Storage in a refrigerator on an agar slant
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Answer: Option A. -> Storage in a freezer at ultra low temperatures (-70°C)
Question 6. Which is the most important surface active disinfectants?
  1.    Cationic compounds
  2.    Anionic compounds
  3.    Amphoteric compounds
  4.    Non-ionic compounds
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Answer: Option A. -> Cationic compounds
Question 7. Which disinfectant would be most effective against Staphylococcus found in a blood spill?
  1.    Cetylpyridinium chloride
  2.    Hexachlorophene
  3.    None of these
  4.    Phenol
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Answer: Option C. -> None of these
Question 8. Which of the following substances can sterilize?
  1.    Chlorine
  2.    Cetylpyridinium chloride
  3.    Alcohol
  4.    Ethylene oxide
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Answer: Option D. -> Ethylene oxide
Question 9. Which of the following is not a disinfectant containing a heavy metal?
  1.    Silver nitrate
  2.    Mercurochrome
  3.    Chlorine
  4.    Copper sulfate
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Answer: Option C. -> Chlorine
Question 10. Milk is pasteurized in batch method by keeping it at
  1.    63°C for 30 minutes
  2.    73°C for 30 minutes
  3.    72°C for 6 minutes
  4.    72°C for 60 seconds
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Answer: Option A. -> 63°C for 30 minutes

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