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Question 31. Which of the following material is sterilized by heating at 160°C in a hot air oven for one hour?
  1.    All-glass syringes
  2.    Swab sticks
  3.    All of these
  4.    Oils and jellies
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Answer: Option C. -> All of these
Question 32. Which of the following is sterilized with the help of glutaraldehyde?
  1.    All of these
  2.    Cystoscopes
  3.    Bronchoscopes
  4.    Thermometers
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Answer: Option A. -> All of these
Question 33. The organisms retained in the fluids filtered by Seitz filter is
  1.    Clostridium
  2.    Proteus
  3.    Staphylococcus
  4.    None of these
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Answer: Option D. -> None of these
Question 34. For sterilization of which material gamma rays can be used?
  1.    Canulas
  2.    Catheters
  3.    Plastic syringes
  4.    None of these
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Answer: Option D. -> None of these
Question 35. The time in minutes at a specific temperature needed to kill a population of cells is the
  1.    thermal death point
  2.    thermal death temperature
  3.    F value
  4.    decimal reduction time
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Answer: Option C. -> F value
Question 36. Which of the following is a limitation of the autoclave?
  1.    It will destroy heat labile materials
  2.    It takes too long to sterilize
  3.    It lacks the ability to kill endospores
  4.    It lacks the ability to inactivate viruses
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Answer: Option A. -> It will destroy heat labile materials
Question 37. Which of the following tests is designed to simulate the natural conditions under which the disinfectants are used in hospitals?
  1.    Capacity test
  2.    Phenol coefficient test
  3.    None of these
  4.    Minimum inhibitory concentration test
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Answer: Option A. -> Capacity test
Question 38. The lowest temperature that kills all microorganisms in a liquid suspension in 10 minutes is known as the
  1.    decimal reduction time
  2.    thermal death point
  3.    thermal death time
  4.    thermal death temperature
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Answer: Option B. -> thermal death point
Question 39. Which of the following has most heat resistant spores?
  1.    Clostridium histolyticum
  2.    Clostridium perfringens
  3.    Bacillus stearothermophilus
  4.    Bacillus cereus
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Answer: Option C. -> Bacillus stearothermophilus
Question 40. Steam exposure of a material at 100°C for 20 minutes for three consecutive days is known as
  1.    inspissation
  2.    autoclaving
  3.    tyndallization
  4.    none of these
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Answer: Option C. -> tyndallization

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