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Question 31. Who was the country's first swimmer to participate in an Olympics game?
  1.    Shamsher Khan
  2.    Saloni Dalal
  3.    Sajjan Prakash
  4.    Richa Mishra
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Answer: Option A. -> Shamsher Khan

Question 32. Jalal Talabani was Iraq's first ________ president.
  1.    Kurdish
  2.    Baghdadi
  3.    Shia
  4.    Sunni
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Answer: Option A. -> Kurdish

Question 33. Which national award winning director was known for his dark satire Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro?
  1.    Adoor Gopalkrishnan
  2.    Satyajit Ray
  3.    Amitabh Parashar
  4.    Kundan Shah
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Answer: Option D. -> Kundan Shah

Question 34. Which veteran filmmaker directed the iconic film Amrapali?
  1.    Kundan Shah
  2.    Lekh Tandon
  3.    Ashoke Pandit
  4.    Sanjay Leela Bhansali
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Answer: Option B. -> Lekh Tandon

Question 35. Which Maltese investigative journalist was at the helm of the Panama Papers?
  1.    Daphne Caruana Gazilia
  2.    Adrian Delia
  3.    Will Fitzgibbon
  4.    Bastian Obermayer
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Answer: Option A. -> Daphne Caruana Gazilia

Question 36.

Legendary Indian sportsperson Subhas Bhowmick, who has passed away, was associated with which game?

  1.    Golf
  2.    Football
  3.    Cricket
  4.    Hockey
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Answer: Option B. -> Football
Former India footballer Subhas Bhowmick died at the age of 72 years due to prolonged illness. He was born in West Bengal.
Question 37.

Ramachandran Nagaswamy, who has passed away, belongs to which profession?

  1.    Author
  2.    Filmmaker
  3.    Archaeologist
  4.    Mountaineer
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Answer: Option C. -> Archaeologist
Noted Indian historian, archaeologist and epigraphist from Tamil Nadu, Ramachandran Nagaswamy, has passed away.
Question 38.

January 30 is observed every year as the Martyrs' Day of Mahatma Gandhi. The year 2022 marks which death anniversary of the Father of Nation?

  1.    75
  2.    74
  3.    79
  4.    78
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Answer: Option B. -> 74
Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of his 74th death anniversary on January 30, 2022.
Question 39.

Former Indian player Charanjit Singh, who has passed away, won an Olympic gold in which game in 1964?

  1.    Football
  2.    Tennis
  3.    Hockey
  4.    Athletics
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Answer: Option C. -> Hockey
The former Hockey mid-fielder Charanjit Singh has passed away at his residence in Una, Himachal Pradesh, after suffering a cardiac arrest and prolonged age-related illnesses.
Question 40.

Major Hari Pal Singh Ahluwalia, who has passed away, was related to which profession?

  1.    Mountaineer
  2.    Historian
  3.    Cricketer
  4.    Economist
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Answer: Option A. -> Mountaineer
Professional mountaineer and retired army officer Major Hari Pal Singh Ahluwalia has passed away.

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