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Question 91. Robert M. Pirsig who died recently belongs to which field?
  1.    Scientist
  2.    Actor
  3.    Writer
  4.    Psychologist
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Answer: Option C. -> Writer

Question 92. The world's oldest person _____has died recently at the age of 117, belongs to Italy.
  1.    Imma morana
  2.    Imma janson
  3.    Emma morano
  4.    Emma janson
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Answer: Option C. -> Emma morano

Question 93. Narsingh Baitha was a former minister of which state died due to a prolonged illness?
  1.    Odisha
  2.    Maharashtra
  3.    Bihar
  4.    Uttar pradesh
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Answer: Option C. -> Bihar

Question 94. In which day National Safe Motherhood day observed?
  1.    April 5th
  2.    April 12th
  3.    April 11th
  4.    April 9th
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Answer: Option C. -> April 11th

Question 95. International Dance Day is observed on_____.
  1.    March 29th
  2.    March 28th
  3.    April 29th
  4.    April 28th
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Answer: Option C. -> April 29th

Question 96. Robert W Taylor, the renowned computer pioneer who passed away, hailed from which country?
  1.    United States
  2.    Australia
  3.    Russia
  4.    Japan
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Answer: Option A. -> United States

Question 97. Girish Nikam recently died after a heart attack at the age of 59. He was related to which of the following fields?
  1.    Acting
  2.    Politics
  3.    Real Estate
  4.    Journalism
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Answer: Option D. -> Journalism

Question 98. Which renowned Malayalam Filmmaker received the Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration for Aaroodam?
  1.    Santosh Sivan
  2.    Sreenivasan
  3.    Gautham Menon
  4.    IV Sasi
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Answer: Option D. -> IV Sasi

Question 99. Former state health minister of Rajasthan Digambar Singh held which important post?
  1.    Vice Chairman of Rajasthan's Twenty Point Program
  2.    Vice Chairman of Rajasthan's Mission Indradhanush
  3.    Vice Chairman of Rajasthan's Clean India Mission
  4.    Both a and b
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Answer: Option A. -> Vice Chairman of Rajasthan's Twenty Point Program

Question 100. Which industrialist and CMD was associated with the innovation of chewable tobacco in India?
  1.    Jagdish Joshi
  2.    Rasiklal Dhariwal
  3.    Om Gupta
  4.    Ratanlal Jain
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Answer: Option B. -> Rasiklal Dhariwal

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