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Question 61.

What was the profession of Rahul Bajaj, who has passed away?

  1.    Industrialist
  2.    Actor
  3.    Journalist
  4.    Economist
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Answer: Option A. -> Industrialist
Noted industrialist and former chairman of Bajaj Auto, Rahul Bajaj, has passed away, due to pneumonia and a heart problem.
Question 62.

Name the person who passed away and was popularly known for his role as 'Bheem' in Mahabharat?

  1.    Praveen Kumar Sobti
  2.    Gajendra Chauhan
  3.    Arjun Tripathi
  4.    Aakash Bhardhwaj
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Answer: Option A. -> Praveen Kumar Sobti
Actor and athlete Praveen Kumar Sobti who played the iconic role of Bheem in BR Chopra's 'Mahabharat' left for his heavenly abode at the age of 74 following a cardiac arrest.
Question 63.

What was the profession of Praveen Kumar Sobti, who has passed away?

  1.    Economist
  2.    Actor
  3.    Filmmaker
  4.    Journalist
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Answer: Option B. -> Actor
Actor and athlete Praveen Kumar Sobti who is known for playing the role of Bheem in the TV series "Mahabharat" passes away at the age of 74 years.
Question 64.

What was the profession of Shri Iqbal Singh Kingra, who has passed away?

  1.    Environmentalist
  2.    Economist
  3.    Econometricians
  4.    Educationalist
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Answer: Option D. -> Educationalist
Shri Iqbal Singh Kingra who was an Indian socio-spiritual leader of the Sikh community and an educationalist passed away at the age of 95 years.
Question 65.

Rupinder Singh Suri, who has passed away, was currently serving on which post?

  1.    Deputy Comptrollers and Auditors General of India
  2.    Additional Solicitor General of India
  3.    Chief Vigilance Commissioner of India
  4.    Vice Chief of Navy Staff
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Answer: Option B. -> Additional Solicitor General of India
Senior advocate and Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Rupinder Singh Suri has passed away. Mr Suri was appointed as the ASG on 30 January 2020 for a period till 29 June 2023.
Question 66.

S. H. Sarma, who passed away recently, was associated with which designation?

  1.    Air chief marshal
  2.    Field Marshal
  3.    Vice Admiral
  4.    Lieutenant Colonel
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Answer: Option C. -> Vice Admiral
The Indian Navy's 1971 Indo-Pak war veteran Vice Admiral S H Sarma passed away in Bhubaneswar.
Question 67.

Telugu lyricist Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry passed away. Which honour was given in 2019 for his contribution to the film world and literature?

  1.    Bharat Ratna
  2.    Padma Shri
  3.    Padma Bhushan
  4.    Padma Vibhushan
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Answer: Option B. -> Padma Shri
Award-winning Telugu lyricist and Padma Shri awardee Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry passed away following lung cancer-related complications.
Question 68.

FW (Frederik Willem) de Klerk, who passed away, had received the Nobel Prize in which field?

  1.    Medicine
  2.    Physics
  3.    Literature
  4.    Peace
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Answer: Option D. -> Peace
In 1993, De Klerk and Nelson Mandela jointly received the Nobel Peace Prize for their work towards ending apartheid.
Question 69.

Richard Leakey, who has passed away recently, was a world-renowned conservationist and fossil hunter from which country?

  1.    Nigeria
  2.    United Kingdom
  3.    Sweden
  4.    Kenya
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Answer: Option D. -> Kenya
World-renowned Kenyan politician, conservationist and fossil hunter Richard Leakey has passed away.
Question 70.

Gurmeet Bawa, who has passed away, belongs to which profession?

  1.    Economist
  2.    Banker
  3.    Filmmaker
  4.    Folk Singer
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Answer: Option D. -> Folk Singer
Renowned Punjabi folk singer Gurmeet Bawa has passed away following a prolonged illness. She was 77.

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