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Question 131. The current produced by ions arriving at the collector necessitates the use of which of the following?
  1.    Wide band amplifier
  2.    Narrow band amplifier
  3.    Wide band filter
  4.    Narrow band filter
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Answer: Option A. -> Wide band amplifier
Answer: (a).Wide band amplifier
Question 132. In the time of flight mass spectrometer, ions are formed by which of the following methods?
  1.    Pulsed ionization method
  2.    Acceleration method
  3.    Dynamic method
  4.    Ion excitation method
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Answer: Option A. -> Pulsed ionization method
Answer: (a).Pulsed ionization method
Question 133. The evacuated tube is also known as which of the following?
  1.    Pulse tube
  2.    Detector tube
  3.    Drift tube
  4.    Acceleration tube
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Answer: Option C. -> Drift tube
Answer: (c).Drift tube

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