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Question 91. In MIKES experiments which of the following are measured?
  1.    Product ions
  2.    Product ion kinetic energies
  3.    Product ions mass to charge ratio
  4.    Product ions masses
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Answer: Option B. -> Product ion kinetic energies
Answer: (b).Product ion kinetic energies
Question 92. Which of the following filters are used in tandem spectrometer?
  1.    Quadrupole mass filter
  2.    Low energy filter
  3.    High energy filter
  4.    Time of flight mass filter
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Answer: Option A. -> Quadrupole mass filter
Answer: (a).Quadrupole mass filter
Question 93. A tandem mass spectrometer has which of the following analysers?
  1.    Time of flight mass analyser
  2.    Magnetic deflection analyser
  3.    Radiofrequency analyser
  4.    Quadrupole analyser
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Answer: Option A. -> Time of flight mass analyser
Answer: (a).Time of flight mass analyser
Question 94. B/E scan is which of the following scans?
  1.    Product ion scan
  2.    Precursor ion scan
  3.    Mass scan
  4.    Charge scan
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Answer: Option A. -> Product ion scan
Answer: (a).Product ion scan
Question 95. All ions with the same number of charges will have __________
  1.    Same kinetic energy
  2.    Different kinetic energies
  3.    Same mass
  4.    Different mass
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Answer: Option A. -> Same kinetic energy
Answer: (a).Same kinetic energy
Question 96. Which of the following is located in the region between two analysers?
  1.    Nebuliser
  2.    Collision cell
  3.    Filter
  4.    Vacuum chamber
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Answer: Option B. -> Collision cell
Answer: (b).Collision cell
Question 97. Given below is the block diagram of mass spectrometer. Identify the unmarked component.Given Below Is The Block Diagram Of Mass Spectrometer. Ident...
  1.    Inlet system
  2.    Ionisation chamber
  3.    Vacuum system
  4.    Ion transducer
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Answer: Option D. -> Ion transducer
Answer: (d).Ion transducer
Question 98. Given below is the diagram of the drift tube of a tandem quadrupole/time of flight instrument. Identify the unmarked component.Given Below Is The Diagram Of The Drift Tube Of A Tandem Qua...
  1.    Nebuliser
  2.    Filter
  3.    Chopper
  4.    Acceleration lens
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Answer: Option D. -> Acceleration lens
Answer: (d).Acceleration lens
Question 99. In mass spectrometer, the sample gas is introduced into the highly evacuated spectrometer tube and it is ionised by electron beam.
  1.    True
  2.    False
  3.    May be True or False
  4.    Can't say
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Answer: Option A. -> True
Answer: (a).True
Question 100. Which of the following can be introduced into the ionization chamber directly?
  1.    Solid samples with low vapour pressure
  2.    Solid samples with high vapour pressure
  3.    Liquid samples with low density
  4.    Liquid samples with high density
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Answer: Option A. -> Solid samples with low vapour pressure
Answer: (a).Solid samples with low vapour pressure

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