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Question 11. Problems of the country can only be aggravated by ________ and ________ citizens.
  1.    careful, unscrupulous
  2.    extraordinary, uncompromising
  3.    dedicated, patriotic
  4.    selfish, irresponsible
  5.    independent, practical
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Answer: Option D. -> selfish, irresponsible
Answer: (d)
Question 12. People who have been through difficult, painful and not very ________ change efforts often end up ________ both pessimistic and angry conclusions.
  1.    successful, drawing
  2.    meaningful, projecting
  3.    reliable, evolving
  4.    strong, following
  5.    challenging, lamenting
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Answer: Option A. -> successful, drawing
Answer: (a)
Question 13. When I am an autocrat, I am ________ in the extreme. My direct method is to ________ power and control.
  1.    perfectionist, explore
  2.    autocratic, engulf
  3.    dominating, seek
  4.    possessive, reject
  5.    elaborate, develop
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Answer: Option C. -> dominating, seek
Answer: (c)
Question 14. Cholesterol has long been identified as a silent killer because the patient has no _______ of the danger freely ___ his system.
  1.    Idea, infecting
  2.    Thought, attacks
  3.    Information, invading
  4.    Inkling, traversing
  5.    Motive, moving
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Answer: Option C. -> Information, invading
Answer: (c)"Information, invading" is the correct use. INFORMATION: A collection of facts from which conclusions can be drawn. INVADE: To enter in large numbers, especially with intrusive effect.
Question 15. If we study the lives of great men we are ____ that we too can achieve greatness and, when we die, leave behind our ______.
  1.    Convinced, children
  2.    Reminded, footmarks
  3.    Conveyed, followers
  4.    Commanded, belongings
  5.    Proclaimed, Memories
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Answer: Option B. -> Reminded, footmarks
Answer: (b)"Reminded, footmarks" is the correct use. REMINDED: To take note of something. FOOTMARK: Sign of presence.
Question 16. It is a noble quality to ________ the good and ________ the bad.
  1.    retain, preserve
  2.    imitate, pretend
  3.    appreciate, condemn
  4.    criticise, ape
  5.    ignore, eliminate
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Answer: Option C. -> appreciate, condemn
Answer: (c)
Question 17. Despite being the ________ partner in the relationship, the franchiser doesn’t always have all the ________.
  1.    sincere, limitations
  2.    vulnerable, powers
  3.    active, losses
  4.    dominant, advantages
  5.    authoritative, legalities
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Answer: Option D. -> dominant, advantages
Answer: (d)
Question 18. There is no ________ for meticulous care in ________ training rooms for seminars.
  1.    substitute, setting up
  2.    solution, preparing
  3.    authority, projecting
  4.    model, labelling
  5.    plan, organizing
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Answer: Option A. -> substitute, setting up
Answer: (a)
Question 19. Despite ________ knowledgeable, he remained ________ all through.
  1.    having, ignorant
  2.    of, doubtful
  3.    owing, through
  4.    having, enriched
  5.    being, poor
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Answer: Option E. -> being, poor
Answer: (e)
Question 20. Effective managers ________ and attempt to ________ the organization’s values, goals, structure and climate.
  1.    organise, plan
  2.    direct, motivate
  3.    advocate, exhibit
  4.    monitor, influence
  5.    manipulate, negotiate
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Answer: Option D. -> monitor, influence
Answer: (d)

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